New Bremen Historic Association’s GenealogistsIn the late 1970s and early 1980s, a group of people headed by Mrs. Irene Bay and Mrs. Mary Wint, working for the New Bremen Historic Association, took it upon themselves to create a genealogy department by translating old church records and recording the information from the tombstones in area cemeteries. Mrs. Bay and her crew spent many hours translating the births/baptisms, marriages, and death records at St. Paul, St. Peter's, and Zion's Churches. These statistics had been recorded in German script through 1922. After they were translated, a group of people typed the information on index cards and Mrs. Bay donated a file to hold these cards. This file is located in the New Bremen Public Library. Mary Wint and her crew, along with Mrs. Bay, also spent many hours recording tombstone information from the cemeteries of New Bremen, St. Marys, and New Knoxville. These records were also put into the card file.Over the years, these ladies, along with several others, attempted to answer your genealogy questions. Mary Wint was the genealogist for the Historic Association for 15+ years. When she announced her desire to resign from this job in 1995, Martha Plattner and Lucille Francis took her place.In 1996, after many years of frustration at not being able to follow up on the female members of a family because she couldn't find whom they had married, Lucille decided to create a listing of New Bremen marriages with a maiden name index from the statistics recorded in the genealogy card files (1835-1922). After completing it, she found it so helpful that she presented to the Historic Association the possibility of having this book printed and offering it for sale to other genealogists. They agreed to do this and the books are available in our Museum Store. These are not just names of brides and grooms, but also, in many cases, the names of parents, birth dates, birthplaces, and witnesses are included.In July 1998, Tom Braun became a member of the New Bremen Historic Association board and took over the position of genealogist.

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