1905 Boesel Reunion

1905 Boesel Reunion

TOP ROW: Albert Boesel, Marie Boesel, Frieda Boesel, Alice Boesel, Irwin Boesel.

ROW 2 (standing): OttoBoesel, Arthur Frey, Rev. Paul Kluge, Mrs. Arthur (Emma Botkin) Frey, Walter Boesel, Adolph & Ida (Havemann) Boesel,Mrs. Charles J. (Mary McClure) Boesel, Fridolin Purpus & daughter Eleanor, Mrs. Fridolin (Alma Boesel) Purpus, Mrs. Emil (Ida Boesel) Conradi, Emil G. Conradi, Mrs. John Henry (Clara Elizabeth Boesel) Koenig & daughter Mary Elizabeth, Gustave & Elizabeth (Hay) Boesel, Otto Friederich Mesloh, Emma Emelia Mesloh, Louise Caroline Mesloh, Harry Smith Mesloh (behind), Dorothea Clementine Mesloh, Alfred August Mesloh, Otto Schmidt.

ROW 3 (SEATED): Mrs. William Ernest (Nora) Boesel?, Mrs. Jacob (Louise Wolf) Boesel, Charles Boesel, Jr. & wife, Louise (Voeckell) Boesel, Julius & Amalia (Havemann) Boesel, August Boesel, Mrs. William C. (Emma Marie Boesel) Schmidt, Mrs. Dr. John Jacob (Dorothea Boesel) Frey, Mrs. John Henry (Wilhelmina Boesel) Mesloh, John Henry Mesloh, Mrs. Henry (Rosina Boesel) Schmidt.

ROW 4 (children): Margaret Mesloh, Grace Boesel, Allen Boesel, Gertrude Boesel, 5)______, Hugo Christian Schmidt, Felix Robert Schmidt, Reinhard (Charles) Mesloh, Karl Rudolph Mesloh.

FRONT ROW (children): 1)______, 2)______, Elsa Boesel, Mildred Boesel, Waldo Boesel, Meta Boesel, 7)______, Miriam Hulda Schmidt, 9)______, Carl Jacob Purpus, 11)______, Clarence Mesloh, 13)______, 14)______, 15)______.

OTHERS PRESENT (from out of town), BUT NOT IDENTIFIED: 1) Burnett Heck (Indianapolis), who married 2) Louetta Boesel 9/13/1905.

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(N.B. Sun-6/30/1905)