New Bremen, Ohio
1933 Industries

New Bremen Electric, Light & Water - 1933
New Bremen Electric, Light & Water
307 S. Herman St.

New Bremen Cement Tile & Block Company - 1933
New Bremen Cement Tile & Block Company
321 S. Herman St.

New Bremen Cement Tile & Block Company

Organized June 28, 1923. The company manufactures concrete products such as building blocks, lawn furniture, fence posts, bricks, etc. In recent years it also has taken up the manufacture of concrete burial vaults. The annual sales total $20,000.

Officers of the company are Wm. Scheer, president; Wm. Kettler, vice president; Frank Niekamp, secretary and treasurer; and Julius Niekamp, manager.

Auglaize Furniture Company - 1933
Auglaize Furniture Company
215 W. Plum St.

Auglaize Furniture Company

Organized in 1913, or soon after the plant of the old Klanke Furniture Company was totally destroyed by fire.

In recent years the firm has been making novelty furniture. Total sales amount to $125,000 annually in normal times.

Officers of the company are C.V. Huenke, president; Wm. Grothaus, vice president; and F.T. Purpus, secretary and treasurer.

Rabe Manufacturing Company - 1933
Rabe Manufacturing Company
225 S. Washington St.

Rabe Manufacturing Company

Organized February 1, 1901. The business was founded in 1868 by Wm. Rabe, who conducted it until 1901 when it was incorporated under the name of The Rabe Manufacturing Company

The firm is engaged in woodworking and manufactures doors, sash, window and door frames, interior and exterior trim, and special mill products. Its annual sales approximate $75,000.

Officers of the company are L.W. Kunning, president; H.H. Nussmeyer, vice president and general manager; and F.W. Rabe, secretary and treasurer.

White Mountain Creamery - 1933
White Mountain Creamery
225 S. Washington St.

White Mountain Creamery

Organized in 1884 to carry on the business built up by Louis Huenke, who made it possible for New Bremen to have the first creamery in northwestern Ohio. Incorporated in 1908.

The firm is engaged in manufacturing and processing butter, milk, ice cream, condensed milk and allied products. Its annual sales reach a total of $2,800,000.

Besides having operated the first creamery, The White Mountain Creamery Company was the first to introduce the hand separator in this part of the state. It also was a pioneer in the pasteurization of milk.

Officers of the company are C.V. Huenke, president, and Harry Komminsk, secretary and treasurer.

McKay Woolen Mills - 1933
McKay Woolen Mills
East First St.

McKay Woolen Mills

Organized at New Bremen in 1928.

The company operates a textile mill and manufactures knitting and weaving yarns. Its annual sales of woolen and merino yarns approximates $50,000.

Grothaus Block - 1933
Grothaus Block
125 W. Monroe St.

Grothaus Block

The Grothaus Block housed the U.S. Post Office, N.B. Telephone Co., A.H. Albert, Undertaker and Otto J. Boesel, Attorney. [1929 Listings]

Streine Tool & Manufacturing Company - 1933
Streine Tool & Manufacturing Company
125 S. Herman St.

Streine Tool & Manufacturing Company

Organized in 1918 as successor to The O.O. Poorman Company. The Poorman Manufacturing Company was organized at Canton, Ohio in 1873, but moved to Piqua, Ohio in 1901. From Piqua, the company came to New Bremen in 1910 when the firm name was changed to The O.O. Poorman Company.

The company manufactures sheet and plate working machinery. Its products include shears, slitters, corrugating and crimping rolls, roofing machinery, culvert machinery, pipe and gutter machinery. Total sales amount to $450,000 annually.

Officers of the company are C.L. Dine, president; Frank H. Streine, vice president and general manager; J.W. Eiting, secretary and treasurer.

New Bremen Broom Company - 1933
New Bremen Broom Company
107 S. Herman St.

New Bremen Broom Company

Organized January 31, 1894 by Louis Huenke, Fred Vogelsang, Henry Dierker, Wm. Bruns and Ed Vogelsang.

The first plant operated by the company was housed in a two-story iron-clad building known as the Lantern Factory. On August 2, 1898, a deal was made with the Klanke Bros. Furniture Company for the New Bremen Foundry & Machine Company building. The firm took immediate possession of the building and has occupied it ever since. A large warehouse, measuring 40 by 90 feet, and an office building were erected in 1905.

The company manufactures house and factory brooms, and whisk and toy brooms. Its annual sales approximate $50,000.

Officers of the company are H.W. Rairdon, president; John Boeke, vice president; F.T. Purpus, secretary and treasurer; and H.C. Isern, shop superintendent.

Kuenzel Mills Company - 1933
Kuenzel Mills Company
35 S. Washington St.

Kuenzel Mills Company

Organized under the Firm name of Finke, Bakhaus & Kuenzel and was operated as a partnership from 1868 to 1869 when it was incorporated as The Bakhaus & Kuenzel Company. This name was retained until 1914 when it was changed to The Kuenzel Mills Company.

The company operates a Woolen Mill and a Flour Mill. The Woolen Mill produces all-wool bed blankets of quality and an all-wool blanket cloth known to the market as Kuneta Cloth. Its annual production is equivalent to 35,000 pairs of standard double bed blankets, the sales approximating $250,000.

Products of the Flour Mill include an all-purpose family flour under the trade name Gold Lace, a soft winter wheat flour called Gold Star, a cake flour, self-rising biscuit and pancake flours, meals and feeds of all kind. The mill produces about 15,000 barrels of flour annually in addition to its other products, with a total sales value of $80,000.

Officers of the company are Julius Gilberg, president; O.H. Boesel, vice president; E.C. Kuenzel, secretary; W.A. Havemann, treasurer, and F.A. Kuenzel, superin-tendent of the Woolen Mill.

Lock Two Grain & Milling Company - 1933
Lock Two Grain & Milling Company
Lock Two

Lock Two Grain & Milling Company

Organized September 8, 1903 as successor to Garmhausen Bros.

The company operates a flour mill and grain elevator one mile north of New Bremen. Its annual sales of flour, meal and mill feeds total $200,000.

Officers of the company are Herbert Garmhausen, president, and Frank D. Kuenning, secretary and treasurer.