"TOWPATH" Archives

(January 1991 - December 2000)

1991-1Bill Varno; Streine's press; School memories; Grace Snyder, song writer; German Township house
1991-2Hotel Central; Frank Mueller / W.W.I correspondence; Fark family; Ben Vornholt; 1887 Directory
1991-3Halsema sisters; "All German" baseball team; Schwaberow tailor shop; Dierker elevator fire
1991-4School days; Jordan family; Oscar Dammeyer; Horn Service Station
1992-1Dr. Fledderjohann's office; St. Peter's Church & parsonage; Autograph books
1992-2Juliuz Zwez; 1968 "German Festival" book; Dr. Kussman; 1933 "News
1992-3Wehmeyer family; North / Lock Two School; 1928 Griscel's greenhouse; "Twice Told Tales" (Gladys Koop Walsh)
1992-4Saint Nicholas Day; Lock Two Fire Dept.; Dr. Edward Conradi (1933); "Our Home Town" (poem)
1993-1New Bremen blizzards; Old town pump; French Hotel (by Mervin Niekamp); German surnames: Part 1
1993-2Nieter's Store; Central High School (1920); German surnames: Part 2
1993-3Amanda Fark house; Interurban story; Softball 1935; German surnames: Part 3; 1938-40 Swimming pool
1993-4Canal boat day books; Pork-packing warehouses; Butchering; New Bremen Athletic Club; German names: Part 4
1994-11950 blizzard; Wilbur Garmhausen (Rest Areas); School picture (1913-14); German surnames: Part 5
1994-2Mail Delivery starts (1923); Postmasters; 5th Grade (1927-28); N.B. Speedway Riot (1931); "Buckeye Boys" camper
1994-3Streine's baseball team (1925); Bill Combs' ice house; F.W. Bruns; Lehmkuhl Hotel; Class of 1937; Tri County Fair
1994-4Irvin Fark's Bakery; Frank Jung's Harness Shop; Class of 1936; Arcade at Christmas; Pledge of Allegiance
1995-1Ralph May books - 2nd publishing; J.A. Long & Co.; Walter Behm, Mail carrier; School news
1995-2Hartman / Watermann family; 1912 Civil War Vets picture; Purpus, Flemish Artist connection; Adam Fritz
1995-3Fire bell returned to station; John Meyer's Hotel; Wilbur Garmhausen; St. Peter's Church; "Crimson & Gold"
1995-4School news: 1906 & 1960; North Main St. (Hotel French); Canal Lore; "Doc Faust"; Log cabin; Combs Hill
1996-1Hotel French (follow-up); Shanghai Gardens; N.B.H.S. Band; Majestic range at Arcade
1996-2The New Bremen Fire Department, ca1900; The old New Bremen Jail; New Bremen remembered through hearsay by Mrs. Finke; A letter from Marie Mueller of Middletown, OH
1996-3When & how NBHA organized; Spirit of ’76 Plaque; charter members; life members; Letters re: Wilbur Garmhausen; Shopping in NB in the 1920s by Robert J. Schroeder & Bio; NB Telephone Co. with picture of telephone operators- Hilda Broerman, Geciena Halsema, Anna Kuest, Elizabeth Halsema.
1996-4Main St picture; Louie’s Restaurant ( 1937-1946) by Rosemary Landwehr Gerling with pictures; Eulogy for Paul Lietz by Karl Mesloh; Clarence Laut’s cigar mold; Beata Isern interview
1997-122nd Annual Christmas Tree Festival; Naomi Grothaus Sunderman oral tape history transcribed Elmer Ende books in Library by Robert M. Brucken; John Wissman race car & story; Question about the cannon in City Park; Memorial donors for Paul Lietz
1997-2Request for Towpath articles; NB Men’s Garden Club history with 1983 picture on page 8; Lock One Park; Edward J. Neuman 1912 Memorial at GPC unveiled by WOW; Memorial Day history; GAR Gobrecht Family history; List of farm tools donated by Johann & Mary Klein; Rev. T. Papsdorf article by son Robert Papsdorf; Stan Kuenning on City Park cannon; Fate of cannon – sold for scrap $200; NBHA membership list
1997-3Thompson House burned in 1968; Article about Thomas B. Thompson and geneaology by Robert Heinfeld; Dr. Robert Dicke obit sent by James Melchert; Bicycle Museum of America announced; Kenneth Fark article; John Zahn article by Mildred Yocum, daughter; Gast Blacksmith info; Article by Robert Brucken – how his father numbered houses in NB; Picture of Orville Ruedebusch as child, photo of Louise Meyerholtz, Emma Kuest, Ida Kuest, Dora Schelper, Anna Kuest; NBHS Class of 1905 picture; Grewe family history
1997-4Lock One Park, BMOA grand opening; Memories of Robert Schroeder (1918-1997) Playwright, theater reviewer- Shopping 1920s; Memory of Joe Niekamp house by Marge Lietz; Dieckmann House by John Graaskamp –Lone Pine; Christian Schmidt Family (mentions 1st Zion’s Church); NBHS Class of 1910 50th reunion picture; Crimson & Gold 1930 directory; Mirage editorial by NBHS class of 1909
1998-1New Village seal; Luelleman Family history; Ruedebusch/Steinebrey wedding picture 1934; Carolyn Dammeyer Cook poems; Alberta Steinebrey obit; 1909 Class Reunion in 1934 picture; Nicknames by Fernando Bruns on page 4; Memories of Henry Ludeka – parrot story), Irene Wehrman Staggs-apple butter, Schmidt); Doug Harrod accomplishments of NBHA 1997; Sesquicentennial Auglaize County celebrations; 1926-1927 NBHS Girls Basketball team; Card game at Otterbein with picture; Louetta & Leona Boesel, 1899 & 1901 NBHS graduates with pictures; Lola Patterson, inventor, first woman in Auglaize County to be granted a patent
1998-2Annual Meeting-Downtown Remembered; Old Kuenzel Mill Records found; Kettlersville miniature farmstead; NB Filling Stations- 4 pages; Memories of Betty Gast Roberts with photos; Memories of Elodie Lanfersieck Sollman about her mother, a hatmaker
1998-31916-1917 Central School picture of 8th grade with names; NBHS Reunions Class of ’28, ’38, ‘48; History of Holy Redeemer; New Community Swimming Pool; NB Sun account of first Fireman’s Picnic 1922; GOBA 1998; John Dickman’s “A Taste of Tradition” published
1998-4History of NB book by Mark Bernstein published; Tastee Scoop fire; Luelleman Family pictures; NB Fall Festival/ WOW history; WOW Queens 1939-1964; NB early mail service & interview with Walter Behm (taped in 1985); Betty Komminsk obit
1999-1NB newspaper history, Albert C. Buss, Stern des Westlichen; Doug Harrod, President NBHA, Message re: 1998 accomplishments; Two Christmas tree displays, 24th Annual Christmas tree festival; 1909 NB businesses from NB Sun
1999-2Picture of NBHA Officers in 1999; Dramatic Company, Woodmen, Knights of Pythias; (with pictures), IOOF, GAR in NB (5 pp.); Genealogy Report by Tom Braun; Dr. Rabe Bio; Mrs. Ihle Bio; (Corrections in July 1999 Towpath)
1999-31st NBHA Picnic report; Speckman’s Equity; A Visit with Beata Isern (by Annabel Wagner in 1976); N. Main Street (4 pp.); Free Masons (1870) in NB, Union Lodge No. 440
1999-4Memories of NB (1928-1929) by Eugene Jordan, Plymouth, MI with 1926-7 NBHS basketball team picture; Dr. Stappe Bio; Radios by Robert Heinfeld with Picture of Henry Wittenbrink and 1920s Newlands battery operated radio; 1939 radio station WCKY salute to New Bremen with speakers E. G. Conradi, Mayor Reuben Dickman and announcer Rex Davis. (Transcribed from 78 RPM glass records found in Museum.); Story of “Down by the Old Millstream” written by Tell Taylor the uncle of Mrs. Robert (Frances Burnet) Wilson. Robert Wilson, Sr. won a contest and sang it on WLW-D in 1951.; Polio Strikes NB; Picture of 1941 Junior Class Play; 1934 pictures of 4th grade students
2000-1NBHS Football History (11 pp.); 1999 NBHA report by Dru Meyer; Bio & cartoons of Howard G. “Bud” Kettler; Marge Lietz Obit
2000-2Interurban history (12 pp.); Ralph May writes about St. Marys; 1913 NBHS football team picture-some identified; NBHS Class of 1950 Reunion and picture of basketball team 1949-1950
2000-3Grave Markers at GPC; Civil War Capt. Michael Stone Bio; Civil War (5 pp.) with list of NB Veterans; Dietrich Schroeder obit; GAR Encampment by Wm. Schulenberg; Pictures of CW Vets 1912, 1914; Militia German Township in 1860; Mexican War, Spanish-American War Timeline; Letters from Civil War boys; Benjamin Wiedeman letter 1898 from Philippines; Picture of Harry Ludeka at 102 yr. Birthday party
2000-4Washington Street improvement over the years; Picture of NB barbers 1922; Barber Grover Wissman; N. Main Street and John Brown, Wm. Patterson, Joseph Lanfersieck, Emil Schneider, Ernest Tomhafe, Emil Schneider and The Little Store (4 pp.) article by Jerry Brown; Bloody Barn Battle (3 pp.) Marshal Franz Lindenberg; Marie Mueller Bio by Jerry & Barbara Mueller