"TOWPATH" Archives

(October 1987 - December 1990)

1987-41912 News items; Christmas Memories (Marguerite Kunning, Bea Young, Marjorie Lietz, Les Blanke); Gazebo
1988-1Winter Remembrances (Marge Lietz, Marguerite Kunning); Paper boy (Pitt Bruns)
1988-2Monroe St. Bridge; Boesel Opera House
1988-3Chautauqua / Howard Hoffman; 1923 Firemen's picnic / City park; Otto Mesloh
1988-4Serendipity School 25th Anniversary; Schwaberow Store 1988 Renovation; August Dlerker, tinsmith
1989-1Case / Auglaize Motor Car Co.; Saturday church bells; Pina Ihle, midwife; Kroger / Lee's Printing
1989-2Spring memories; The Dinky; Dr.Schmidt, veterinarian; Remembering "when"; Men's Garden Club
1989-3Monroe & Water St. building; New Bremen musicians; Minnie Witte, boarding house lady; Tri-County Fair
1989-4Moore’s Store; Lock Two's wooden lock; Ben Brockman, coal dealer; School memories & picture; Little Six Band
1990-1Natural Gas arrival-1888; North Main St. memories & picture; James D.Taylor; Indian shows; 1930s Depression
1990-2Dedicated to the New Bremen schools; Charles Limbach, Supt.
1990-3New Bremen tokens; Hartwig's Grove; Henry C. Greber, night cop; Monroe St. picture
1990-4Blase's Store; 1925 Memories; Anna Schwepe; Central School; N.B. Broom Co.