(from: Cemetery records & American Legion records, including a 5/31/1937 Memorial Day program)
(also from: Williamson's History of Western Ohio & Auglaize Co.-1905 / Military History of Ohio-1885)

CEMETERIES: (GP=German Protestant / WG=Willow Grove / PR=Plank Road / SP=St. Paul)
(NOTE: This list is neither 100% complete nor 100% accurate. There are many inconsistencies in the various records.)

3/30/1864*prisoner11/3/186CAbeler, William (killed in *Sultana explosion-4/26-27/1865)
9/3/1861GP7/31/1862CAdam, George
9/23/1861*prisoner7/22/1864CAnglebrock, August (killed in *Sultana explosion-4/26-27/1865)
8/27/1861WG8/20/1865CAue, Christian (taken prisoner August, 1862 & exchanged)
8/25/18615/20/1863CBambauer, Charles (killed at Vicksburg, Mississippi)
Bambauer, Jacob (killed at Vicksburg)(listed on 1937 program)
9/1/18619/15/1864CBarienbrock/Beimbrook, Herman (died/buried? at Robinson, Ill.)
8/25/18615/17/1862CBehm, Charles (killed at Princeton, West Virginia)
4/5/1865GP10/1865Behm, Frederick (Co. I, 1st Ohio Cav.)(listed on 1937 program)
8/25/18611/14/1862CBehm, John (Co.C's 1st casualty)(killed at Logan C.H., W. Va.)
9/3/18615/22/1863CBergmeier, Frank/Franz (killed at Vicksburg)
8/27/1861WG8/20/1865Blase, John H. (wounded at Vicksburg 5/22/1863)
8/25/1861GP1/1863CBoesel, Charles Jr. (Private w/Co."C")(2nd Lt./ Co. "F"-resigned)
8/27/18615/22/1863*CBoetcher/Boettger, August (*wounded at Vicksburg, Miss.)
10/9/186111/4/1864CBuchholtz, Fred (taken prisoner 5/17/1862 & exchanged)
8/27/1861GP8/20/1865CBuchholtz, John
8/25/18626/8/1864CBuhr, Fred C. (wounded/amputation)(buried at Wapakoneta)
10/7/1862GP8/7/1863CBurmeister, Georg(e) (Co. H, 37th O.V.I.)
8/25/18625/22/1863CDicke, William Dietrich (killed at Vicksburg-buried in orchard)
8/25/1862GP5/28/1865CDickman, Frederick
WGDreier/Dreyer, Henry (Co. A, 52nd O.V.I.)(listed/1937 program)
9/22/186112/30/1862Ehlers, Peter (Co. E, 58th O.V.I.)(1885 Military Record-Aug.Co.)
GPCEisenhut(e), William (listed on 1937 program)
WGFenneman, John Henry (Co. K, 29th O.V.I.)(listed/1937 program)
8/27/1861GP8/20/1865CFinke, Henry (regiment quartermaster, May/1865)
9/4/186GP9/28/1864CFrey, Jacob J. (wounded at Resaca, Ga.)
9/23/18618/20/1865*CFrey, John (discharged 6/26/1863* for disability)
9/23/18618/20/1865CFriederich, Anton (buried at Minster, Ohio)(1937 program)
GPGibson, Theodore (Co. E, 67th O.V.I.)(listed on 1937 program)
GPGille/Gilli, Henry (Co. E, 58th O.V.I.)(listed on 1937 program)
9/2/1861PR2/15/1862CGoll, Phillip (discharged for disability, died soon after war)
9/23/1861DeserteCGoseman, Herman (buried at Minster)(1937 program)
9/1/1861GP2/18/1862CGress, Phillip (discharged for disability)
8/23/1861fall/1864CGrewe, Albert (wounded 5/17/1862 at Princeton, W. Va.)
10/8/18628/7/1863FGrube, Henry
10/8/18625/24/1863FGrube, William (killed at Vicksburg, Miss.)
9/2/18617/12/1865CHeeman, Henry (wounded)(Military Record of Aug.Co.-1885)
Herring, Ernst (Co.M, 1st Ohio Light Artillery)(+Mexican War)
10/7/1862PR1864HHilgeman, Fred (Co. H, 37th O.V.I.)
8/25/1861GP8/20/1865CHinke/Henke, Christian (cemetery marker is illegible)
8/25/1861GP8/20/1865CHoewischer, William H.F. (wounded)(1937 program)
GPHunter, Samuel H. (Captain) (Co. C, 14th Ill. Inf.)(1937 program)
GPJuneman/Jueneman, John F. (4th Ohio Cavalry)(1937 program)
3/30/18648/20/1865Kettler, Henry (twice in hospital)(buried at Piqua, Ohio)
8/25/18626/9/1863CKladde/Klatte, Henry (died at Milliken's Bend, Louisiana)
8/25/18623/27/1863CKladde/Klatte, Herman (died at Memphis, Tennessee)
3/30/18648/20/1865CKladde, John (Military Record of Auglaize Co. - 1885)
GPKleboeker/Claybaker, Wm. (Co. F, 8th Ind. Cav.)(1937 program)
8/9/1862Klute, Henry (Co. K, 99th O.V.I.)
8/25/1862GP5/28/1865CKnost, Georg(e) (wounded 6/11/1863 at Vicksburg)
8/25/18615/19/1863CKoch/Cook, Charles (killed at Vicksburg)
8/25/1862GP5/28/1865CKohlhorst, Henry W. / William (shot in mouth-7 mos. in hosp.)
1861CKuhle, Charles (Military Record of Auglaize Co. - 1885)
8/25/186211/25/1863*CLuedeke/Luedirke, William (*wounded at Mission. Ridge, TN)
8/24/18615/25/1862*CMay, Henry (wounded 5/17/1862* / Princeton, W. Va.)
8/23/18617/23/1863*CMay, Jacob (wounded 6/5/1863 */ Vicksburg, Miss.)
8/27/1861GP8/20/1865CMeyer, J. Henry
GPCMeyer, Rudolph (listed on 1937 program)
GPMoeller, Herman (196th O.V.I.)(listed on 1937 program)
8/27/1861fall/1864CMunday, Richard (Military Record of Auglaize Co. - 1885)
8/27/18618/20/1865CNebel, August (died/buried? at Cincinnati, Ohio)
8/27/18627/12/1865CNieter, August (died/buried at Dayton)
10/8/1862GP8/7/1863FPape/Pappe, Ernst Wilhelm / William (Co. F, 37th O.V.I.)
8/25/18617/1865CReiter, William (Military Record of Auglaize Co. - 1885)
8/29/1861GP8/20/1865CRoettger, F. Christian (Sergeant)
9/2/1861GP6/25/1865CRoettger, H. Fred/Fritz (wounded 9/10/1862 at Fayetteville. W.Va.)
10/8/1862WG8/7/1863FRump, Henry J. / J.H. (Co. F., 37th O.V.I.)
8/25/1862GP1/10/1865CSchaefer, Henry (wounded 5/19/1863-Vicksburg)(Co.H,5th Batn.)
8/27/186110/9/1861CSchindler, Bernard/Barney (buried? in Indiana)
4/26/18618/27/1861Schmidt, Henry* (Wapakoneta)(4th Sgt., Co. K, 15th O.V.I.)
8/22/18618/12/1865?CSchmidt, Henry* (2nd Lt.-9/7/61, 1st Lt.-3/31/62, Capt.-3/4/63)
Botkins?GP/C-24died 1878Schmidt, Henry A. (Shelby Co.?)(Auglaize Co. Grave Registration)
9/3/1861WG3/15/1865*CSchroeder, Dietrich (wounded at Mission. Ridge-dis.9/15/1864*)
SPSchucraft, William (listed on 1937 program)
8/26/186110/8/1862CSchuette, John (disability discharge)(buried? at Lockington, Ohio)
8/25/1862GP5/25/1865CSchulenberg, Benjamin A. (also known as Bernhard* August)
8/1/1861GP6/3/1864Schulenberg, Frederick (Co. E, 1st Ohio Cavalry)(disability)
9/2/18618/20/1865CSchulenberg, J.H./ Henry (wounded)(buried at St. Marys, Ohio)
8/25/1862GP5/25/1865CSchulenberg, William (forwarded substitutes to front)
8/26/1861fall/1864CSchulte, John B. (Military Record of Auglaize Co. - 1885)
WG12/27/1861CSchulte, William Frederick (1st Lt./resigned)(1937 program)
8/23/18615/17/1862CSeidenberg/Siedenberg, Henry (killed at Princeton, West Va.)
9/3/1861*prisoner7/22/1864CSiemer, Fred (killed in *Sultana explosion-4/26-27/1865)
10/20/1864WG7/12/1865Speckman, Louis (Co. H, 106th O.V.I.)(listed on 1937 program)
8/25/1862SP5/28/1865CStaas, Frank
DesertedCStaas, Louis/Lewis
8/13/1862?7/16/1864?Stone, Michael (Co. G, 118th O.V.I.?)(discharge says 37th O.V.I.)
9/1/1861WG8/20/1865CStork/Storck/Stark, Fredrick/Fritz (orderly sergeant)
8/25/186211/25/1863CSundmacher, Henry (killed at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee)
9/23/18617/29/1862CTangeman, Bernhard (wounded at Princeton)(buried at Minster)
CTangeman, Joseph (wounded 11/25/1864 at Mission. Ridge)
7/5/1861WG8/6/1864Tecklenburg, Henry F.W. (Co. D, 24th Illinois Inf.)(1937 program)
8/24/1861GP9/15/1864CTellman, John F. / Fred/Fritz
8/24/1861GP8/20/1865CThieman, William (forager w/Sherman - guard w/Gen.Hazen)
6/13/1861GP8/1864Tschudin, Wilhelm (Co. D, 28th O.V.I.)(Co. F, 8th U.S.Cav.)
10/7/1862SP8/7/1863HVick, William (Co. H, 37th O.V.I.)
8/25/1861GP10/14/1862CVornholt, William (scout in W. Va.)(hernia disability)
8/27/1861WG8/18/1863CWagner, Peter (gunshot in neck)(repaired roads)(disability dis.)
10/7/1862WG8/7/1863HWatermann, John W./William (Co. H, 37th O.V.I.)
3/30/18648/20/1865CWeinberg, Louis (Military Record of Auglaize Co. -1885)
3/30/18646/27/1864CWiedeman, William (killed at Kenesaw Mountain)
8/20/1861GP12/30/1865Zwez, Julius (Co. E, 68th New York Infantry)

*SULTANA EXPLOSION: The freed Federal prisoners of war who crowded the decks of the steamboat Sultana never received the welcome they expected. On 4/26/1865, her boiler blew up in the middle of the Mississippi and 1700 men drowned or burned to death.