"TOWPATH" Archives

(January 2001 - December 2010)

2001-11932 Bicentennial Celebration- George Washington with picture; McKay sleigh pictures of 1933-1934; McKay Woolen Mills,Kuenzel Mills (6 pp.); Kuenning and Kuenning’s Grove; Lock Two Mill and John Garmhausen; Report by Jerry Brown, President NBHA; 5 Year Report by Lucille Francis; Picture of Elton, Ione, Cade Schulenberg early 1900s
2001-23rd Annual Picnic; NB Movie Theaters-(8 pp); 5 & 10 cent store (3 pp)
2001-31938 Swimming Pool dedication program; Sanborn Fire Insurance Map; 1944 St. Paul photo of Sunday School class; 1923 picture of St Paul Choir; Movies & Dance Halls; Vogelsang Family, August Dierker, Charles Heil, W. F. “August” Schneider, Henry Wiegman; 1888 picture of Dierker tin shop; 1898 picture of Schneider’s Cooper shop on Vine St; Dierker candle molds; 1871 Advertising Directory; NBHA maintenance report; NBHA barn history; Carl Roediger joins Board
2001-4NB Authors-Marion Boesel, James Halsema, Jack Moeller, Peter Rabe, RobertSchroeder, James Sunderman, Naomi Grothaus Sunderman, John Dickman; Sunderman Family History (8 pp.); McKay Hunts Crows by Howard McKay; Swimming Pool Update 1941-1960
2002-1Thomas Block bio for Annual Meeting; L. T. Holmer, President report; Maintenance Report by Lawrence Egbert, fixed barn; Helena Kuck remembers Military Days; St. Peter & St. Paul Young People groups; 1901 St Paul confirmation picture; Hoffman Family history (3 pp.)
2002-2Schulenberg story (8 pp.); Picture of Anna Catherine Luelleman under pear tree ca 1940
2002-3STAMCO story (9 pp.); Rev. Herbert Dickman Bio; John Cindric Bio
2002-4NB canal bridges, types & pictures; Poultry House by Ralph May in 1932; J.A.Long Building & Amstutz Hatcheries; Virgil & Helen (Rehn) Mousa at Amstutz 1953; Reuben Thiesing converts barn to workshop (1948); F.I.Steinberg bio; Helwig-Gress Family picture 1909; NBHS Class of ’42 reunion with picture; Picture of dishes from Peg Speckman Henschen
2003-1NB Women’s Club 90th anniversary with pictures, past presidents (6 pp.); Picture of organ on loan from Arnold & Irene Poppe; President’s report 2002-concrete, bricks, 501 c (3) with picture; Superintendent C.C. Garman 1909-1915, 1st kindergarten; 1913-1914 first grade picture at teracherage; NB 4H clubs with pictures; Library bookcase crafted by Reuben Thiesing from log found in canal; Picture of NBHS Chemistry class ca. 1902
2003-2NB Railroad history; 1891 Decoration Day in NB; The Lyceum, Chautauqua; Howard Hoffman bio; J.L.Hoffman druggist bio; Schwieterman’s Drug Store, Urban, Corrine, David; Dinkels’s Meat Market; Henry Schwers Spits Out Bullet; 1909-1910 picture of Kappel school students; AC Bicentennial Bell; History of Shinbone; Mailing the Towpath with pictures in 2003
2003-3Plat of North Addition NB; St Peter’s sells old cemetery tract; Zion Church early buildings pictures; St. Peter’s Parsonage by Ernst G. Fischer (1884-1977) written in 1974; Ralph May story (7 pp.); Early NB Ordinances 1858, 1867
2003-4Ohio Historical Marker in NB 7/15/2003; National Road, Ohio Statehood, 1845 land entries, German Twp, Girty Family (7 pp.); Crown Pavilion construction; NBHS Class of 1963 reunion with pictures; New cabinets to hold NB Sun, NB Then & Now Book, N. Main St. Print; Picture of Henry Roediger family 1948
2004-1Dr. “Snowflake” will be speaker at Annual Meeting; Katy Gilbert book signing 12/14/03; Candlelight Dinner Report; Annual Reports; Growing up in Lock Two, Gypsy stories by Bernice Doenges Dilger; Louis Doenges, Canal Boatman; Lock Two by Vernita & Stan Scheer, Butch & Juanita Roediger Scheer (10 pp.); Lock Two formerly New Paris; John Garmhausen; Lock Two news clips 1892-1989; NB theaters, with pictures; Crown bought STAMCO building; NBHS Class of 1934 reunion picture, Crown Pavilion; Picture of Lock Two pumper at Allen County museum; Picture of Garman & Jutte firefighters who died Oct 1, 2003
2004-2Canal Duck Race; Lafe Topp farm; Life on Farm by Lester Blanke; Farm Memories by Esther “Sis” Wagner Evans in 1993; Ramblings & Recollections by Robert Heinfeld in 2000; Edward Hirschfeld bio; Hirschfeld Family history by Robert L. Hirschfeld in 1994; A Thresherman’s Story by Edward Hirschfeld in 1940; A Farmer’s Lifestyle by Robert L. Hirschfeld in 1994; Alvin Egbert and Antique Tractor Collection; Favorite Singers by Robert L. Hirschfeld in 2001 Mills Brothers in NB; Growing up in NB by John Glass
2004-3Dr. H.J.Schmidt by Fernando Bruns from NB Sun; Letters of Adam Helwig by Ralph May; Adam Helwig’s Letters to Editor from NB Sun (7 pp.); The Helwig Family; The Dr. Schroeder Family; New Bremen Broom Company; Harry Ludeka’s Memories of Broom Shop; History of broom corn; Articles from NB SUN 1905 wheat, 1931 combine, Gast Implement, Lock Two Store, Miniature Golf Course 1930; Drs. Schmidt, NB Veterinarians; Memories of Papa Schmidt by Marguerite Koop Kunning; Grandpa Stories by Jim Tangeman; St. Paul Confirmants Reunion by Tom Braun; NB Records rescued by Elmer Ende turned over to NBHA by Library
2004-4Wint’s Restaurant with pictures (3 pp.); Ernest Tomhafe Barbershop; Fred Kammen Elk Café; C. M. Williams Toledo Theatrical shoemaker from NB; Williams Family history 1905; Gregore & Bertha Klopf Gast picture; NB Lone Pine struck by lightening; Post Office history from 1789 (6 pp.); NBHS Class of 1954 Reunion picture; Conradi history by Gen Conradi; Lock One Preservation project announced; Birthday greetings to Irma Frevert Black, 100yrs.
2005-1Kuenning’s Grove, Farmer’s Picnic, NB Speedway (16 pp.); St. Paul Steeple getting new roof; “Grandpa” Santa with Jordan & Jared; Elementary School teachers picture ca. 1950
2005-2John Poppe’s letter about St. Paul ballfield; Leona Poppe bio; St. Paul churchyard picture; Civil War memories by Henry Schaefer from NB Sun 1932; Bremco Mills history, Arnold Poppe; Clover Four Farms history; Stan Berning artwork featured at Lock One Theater; Obit Irvin W. Hartman
2005-3New book for sale “A Journey through Time”; Canal history with picture of Lietz canal boat models; NB Lion’s Park turned over to Village; Canal Game for sale; Washington Street & Canal area improvements from NB Sun 1912-1950; New Bremen Foundry & Machine Company; Langhorst Family; Henry Huefe’s drainage tile; Wierth Brick & Tile Yard; NB Brick Company; NB Cement Tle & Block Company; NUPCO; Gene Topp Drainage Service; Kuehner bread wrapper picture; Bookcase made by Carl Roediger; Summer Picnic report
2005-4Canal Boat excursion at Johnson Farm with picture; Charles Boesel history (17 pp.), OSU/Boesels,; 1904 picture Boesel reunion, Otto Mesloh; Pictures of items made in NB, NB Cement, NB Foundry; NBHS Class of 1939 reunion picture; Poem by Dora Dicke Maurer NB Sun 1935
2006-1Lock One preservation project update; Historian awards; How do you say your name? by Gen Conradi; Niles Harris bio; Morris Bessel scrap yard; Harris scrap yard; Ground Observer Corps established 1952; German Day Festival 1968 & book; Harris Family info; Stamco Boys in service 1966; Liberty School picture 1925; NB Church census 1930; Heifer Relief Project 1946 by Herbert Dicke; Boesel Reunion of 1905 Picture; Picture of Halsema sisters 1960, letter from Alice Halsema; Picture of drinking fountain Washington & Monroe; Wabash Service Company –airplane-1921, NB Airways; Lucille’s 10 year report on Towpath
2006-2Annual Meeting speaker Dave Kramer pictured with John Tomhafe; Amsterdam remembered (2 pp.); Willshire cholera 1854; Wally Hirschfeld letter about Hirschfeld family; Fun on Old Canal by Ralph May (1933); Canal Life from NB Sun 1923; Civil Defense by Lynne Harris Thompson; Death of Katy Gilbert
2006-38th Annual Picnic report; Pictures of Lock One Restoration Project begun; Knost & Heinfeldt carriage business; Buckeye Boys motor home 1920s; Immigration letter by John Dickman; Karl Mesloh letter with more ids for 1905 Boesel Reunion
2006-4Lock One Progress; Westside School with picture; NBHS Class of 1956 Reunion picture; NBHS 1955-1956 basketball, baseball pictures; NB news by Florence Poulson; Tom Braun with cousins-Beth Sauerland, Pat Ivins Foster, Katherine Boesel Pawlak; Letter from Alice Halsema; 1953-1954 Driver Course with picture; NB Safety Patrol picture 1949-1950; PTA Amateur Show 1950 with picture of accordions including Lucille Topp Francis; NBHS Class of 1961 & 1939 reunions
2007-1Christmas at museum with pictures; NB Fire Department (11 pp.); Book Daredevils on Dirt by Robert Heinfeld
2007-2Dr. Snowflake at museum; Johann Klein speaker at Annual Meeting; NBHA barn renovation by Carl Roediger; Fernando Bruns- “Do You Remember?”; Philip Hoffman family with pictures; NBHA membership in 2007; Ed Wehrman truck 1927; Arcade and Wiessingers (2 pp.); Darla Lee translated German Obits; Stern des Westlichen Ohio 1873-1923
2007-31894 Young NB businessmen picture, identified; Boesche Dry goods store; Dorfer family by Fernando W. Bruns 1946; Henry Dierker (3 pp.); Mueller Brothers Menswear; Peter Tomhafe; John Schulhoff’s Famous Restaurant; John Koeper Shoe Store; Schroerluke & Tomhafe Dry Goods; Lehmkuhl Hotel with pictures; Bruns marble-cutting shop; Truck smashes Bruns house; Picture of stores today-before & after; Gary Cadle Grewe family letter; Picture of Alfrieda Quellhorst Wessel; Famous relative “Conrad Hilton”
2007-4Lock One reconstruction completed; Hotel Central & Laut family (6 pp.); Rev. Henninger; Jacob Schlesselman’s sawmill; Picture of Carl Arkenberg, Joan Franks Brown; Vornholt family reunion 2007; Lowell Ziegenbusch memorials
2008-1Museum Christmas pictures; Wissman’s Saloon (2 pp.)- C. F. Wissman, Emil F. Wissman, Anthony H. Wissman; Franz Peter Jung, Sr. Store; Henry F. Jung Stock Buyer; Edwin Jung Butcher; Schelper’s Old Reliable Meat Market; Schelper Construction Company; Pictures Gottlieb Laut, Christ Otte family; Schlesselman Family Update; Frank P. Jung, Jr. Harness Shop; NBHS Class of ’42 Reunion picture; Ohio Historical Decorative Arts Assn. visit to NB report; Marge Lietz Page from Past; New Book NB Food Legacy; St Paul Women’s Circle 1954 picture
2008-2Jim Dicke II speaker at Annual Meeting; With Memories by John T. Dickman; Carol Dammeyer Cook (NBHS ’51) The Harp Lady; 1920 tornado by Gen Conradi; North Pole (6 pp.) Julius R. Frederick
2008-3Summer Picnic report; St. Paul 175 years old; NB cemeteries; Walk in Steps of History by Kathi Wuebbenhorst Overley with Henry & Wilhelmine Wuebenhorst family; Huenke School; Orville Wright story and Hulda Kuenning; Operation Corn Field 1953 (2 PP.); Buster Brown & Tige at Arcade; Lois Hardwick; Commemorative (175 yrs.) coin for sale
2008-4Bremenfest Parade, Doc Riebel, Grand Marshal; Picture of Dr. & Mrs Rabe, grand marshals 1976; 1904 Huenke School picture; Class of 1952 in 1942; Rev. Melchert picture; Eagle Scout project honoring firefighters, Bill Baker; Henry Howe – Historical Collections of Ohio; Prof. C. W. Williamson-Auglaize County; Wm. McMurray-History of Auglaize County; Orton G. Rust-History of West Central Ohio (7 pp.); Auglaize County Postcard Book published; Kuenning-Dicke Natural Area, monuments; Replica of Tom Kuenning’s B-29 donated to NBHA(3 pp.); 4-pages Supplement W. Monroe Street pictures
2009-1Christmas at Museum; Lockkeeper’s House Fundraising; Hoboes in NB by Gen Conradi; Home Building in NB by Joyce Ruedebusch; Directions by Gen Conradi; Louie’s Restaurant, The Nook; Robbery at Drugstore 1950; Corner IGA opens 1949; Lamperts 1960; Hardware moving 1946; Farm Bureau elevator 1950; SE corner of Monroe & Main through the years; NBHS Class of 1958 reunion picture; NBHA website introduced; Letters-Rabe, Schulenberg, Hirschfeld family history
2009-2Stan & Dona Mae Kuenning speakers at Annual Meeting; Sterling & Lynn Skinner presented Life of Phillip Jacob Maurer book at Annual Meeting; WWII-France (11 pp.)-Cemeteries Normandy; 1937 Roster of WWI vets living; Burial sites all wars; Deaths of Children in Early NB by Gen Conradi; Memories of School Grounds 1950s by Gen Conradi
2009-3NBHA Summer Picnic report; NB Rod & Gun Club (9 pp.); Charles F. Conrady (7 pp.) by Gen Conradi; Letters Alice Halsema
2009-4Groundbreaking for Lockkeeper’s House; Veterans WWII (3 pp.) WWI (4 pp); Lewis Poppe by Gen Conradi; FSU dedicates statue of Edward Conradi by Edward Conradi Ekermeyer; Vogelsang-Frey Families; Meyer Family-Frederick W. Meyer; Synchronized Swimming by Gen Conradi (3 pp.); NBHS Class of 1959, 1954, 1964 reunion picture; 1956 moving day of elementary school; Rededication of Civil War Flag 8/22/09
2010-1Christmas at Museum report; Uetrecht Grocery (2 pp.)-William Uetrecht; Camping by Gen Conradi; Campfire Girls; Boy Scouts by Gen Conradi; NB Rubber Company (5 pp.)
2010-2John Gilberg Annual Meeting Speaker; Poems by Anna Kuest; FSU Honors Augusta Grothaus Conradi by Edward Conradi Ekermeyer; School 60 years ago by Gen Conradi; Westside School pictures
2010-3Dedication of Lockkeeper’s House 6/19/10; August and Fair Time by Marge Lietz; Rebecca Gross Marley pictures (2 pp.); St. Paul parsonage 100th Anniversary with article by James Melcher; NB Sheephead by Gen Conradi; Trash Pickup by Gen Conradi; 1963 baseball team picture
2010-4Boy Scouts 100 years old & new stamp; History of Scouting by Mike Staton (3 pp.); Free Trip to Foreign Countries by Orville Ruedebusch (4 pp.); First American Legion Post in Auglaize County in NB; Rabe Family visits NB; NBHS Classes ‘60 reunion picture, ’65 reunion; Elmwood Assisted Living arrives in NB