"TOWPATH" Archives

(January 2011 - December 2020)

2011-1Lucille Francis’ 15 year report; Christmas trees by Gen Conradi; Koop Family- John Fredrich Koop; Ruth Gilberg Ritter Interview by Gen & Joyce; Prof. Elmer Ende by Gen Conradi; Old Photos by Gen & Joyce; NB Photographers (3 pp.); Grandma’s House by Joan Franks Brown; World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie in NB 2010
2011-22011 Annual Dinner, Rev. James Egbert,Memories of a Farm Girl-Lucille Francis, Centenarian Remembers from EL 1994, Gordon State Park, WPA & Privy by Katy Gilbert, Loveseat shipped by Canal Boat & Mailbox, Envisioning Visitor Center
2011-32011 Summer Picnic, Joyce & Gen Remember, Our Hometown, Kettler House in Lock Two, Telephone Operators, Mailbox, Digitization Project
2011-4Thank You Lucille, Mailbox, Meet the new editors, New resources at library & New Bremen Festivals, 2011 Festivals, Class Reunions, Class if 1961 Reunion, 1981 Reunion Pictures, Class of 1966 & 1956 Pictures, Class of 1951, Class of 1946 (Picture), Personal Interview Dale Fledderjohn, History Mystery Page, Curator’s Report, Membership
2012-12012 Christmas Tree Festival, How Museum Started, Rosemary Heitkamp interview, Reuben Thiesing Bookcase in library, Grothaus family visit in New Bremen, NB TriCounty Fair by O. Raberding in 1964, Severe weather over the years in NB, Personal Interview Jim Moeller, Plattdeutsch info with pictures at K-Ville, History Mystery Page, Oct. History Mystery answers & Mailbox, Curator’s Report, Donations made by members, Proposed changes to NBHA Code of Regulations & Financial Report & 1908 Letters to Santa
2012-22012 Annual Dinner Meeting, Interview with Vic Maurer, Boesel Opera House 1895 & Fire in 2012, History of cemeteries in New Bremen, New Bremen Speedway by Kathi Wuebbenhorst Overley, 1979 Newsletter describing talk by Robert Heinfeld about Speedway, Es Schmeckt sehr gut- old recipes, History mystery page, Answers to Jan. History Mystery & Info about 1908 letters to Santa, Mailbox, Story by Stan & Dona Mae Kuenning about 1950 storm & Carrol Fischbach tale about his dad and horse, Membership & Donations
2012-3New Cabinets, Family Histories, Mailbox, Donations, Tom Boesel’s Funeral, E.Wissman’s Plate, Edna Schroeder Tontrup interview, Polio, Historic Road, Route 66, Report Cards, Race Car by Robert Gilberg, History Mystery Page, Answers to April’s History Mystery, Membership Report, Third Grade visitors
2012-4News from the Board of Trustees, Mailbox, Can You Hear Me Now Telephone service 1904, 1940, 2012, Interview Roger & Leota Busse, Civil war timeline, Forty and Eight Harold Krieg, Anna Kuest in Wash. DC 1918, Class of 1962 Reunion, History Mystery
2013-138th Christmas Tree Festival, Mailbox, News from the NBHA Board, NBHS Class Reunions, 1939 & 1972, Interview with Leonard & Carmel Williams, Washday Recollections, Katy Gilbert, Clothesline, Washday Meal- Marjorie Lietz, Ice Harvest with Janet Fledderjohn, Ice Harvest with Ralph May, Rabe’s Pond, Icebox, History Mystery Page, History Mystery Answers for October 2012, Women’s Club 100 Yrs, Membership, Donations, Deaths, Curator Report, Pictures of new siding
2013-22013 NBHA Annual Dinner Meeting, 2012 Financial Report, 2012 Ways & Means Report, Membership Report, JoAnne Berning Meckstroth Article, The Carbide Cannon Incident Bob Gilberg, 100 years ago in NB, Early New Bremen Bands, Lucille Francis Cemetery Records, 1903 Zoo Donation, Our Miss Burk, History Mystery Page, History Mystery Answers for Jan 2013, Pictures from Annual Meeting
2013-3Museum maintenance & repair, 2013 Mmembership report, donations, Interview Susie Hirschfeld, Kuck Oil Story, Did I hear a Bell ring?, Carl Ekermeyer & the Mystery Pool, From Forest to Farmland, Gypsy Stories, Lawrence Tebbe, Dorothy Graham & Wilbert Gruebmeyer, Life Stories, History Mystery Page, History Mystery Answers April 2013, Comments from Readers, Memory Corner, Upcoming Events, NB Sun “Spick & Span” Articles
2013-4October’s bright blue weather, membership report, donations, Items from the New Bremen Sun (May be beautiful at 40(1913), Pretty good town (1921), Ferd Wint’s Turtle (1922), Interview with Cletus & Hilda Niekamp, Our Dad A New Bremen Builder (Arnold Luedeke), Civil War Time Line, Excerpt of Wm. Schulenberg Speech, A Snowy Day in January by Pat Gels D’Alessio & JoAnne Berning Meckstroth, Class Reunions 1963, 1983, History Mystery Page, History Mystery Answers July 2013, Upcoming events, Pay dues now
2014-1Purchase of 236 N. Main Street, Membership Report, Christmas Tree Festival,Mailbox, A House Full of Memories by Julie Grothaus, Sr. Class Play 1921, Safety Patrol 1955 & 1950, Julius Zwez with Stan Scheer & Jean Warner, History Mystery Page, History Mystery answers for Oct 2013, Memory Corner Snowy Days & Membership Report, Upcoming Events, Annual Dinner, Raffle
2014-22014 Annual Dinner Meeting (Jerry Maxson speaker), Membership Report, Mailbox, 3 items from NBSun, Interview with Lloyd Schroer, Duty Calls by Bob Gilberg, Hotel Bar poem by Jerry Maxson, 2nd Installment Julius Zwez, History Mystery Page, History Mystery Answers for January 2014, NBHA Update, Raffle Begins, Donations for Challenge, Upcoming Events
2014-3History of Pape House, Membership Report, Raffle, Donations, Letters, A True (Mostly) Story…Squirrels, The Mirage 1909, E. M. Botkin, Lillian Sunderman Dickman Shares Memories, 1846 Canal Incident in New Bremen, My Connection to New Bremen (Janice Overton), 3rd Installment Julius Zwez, History Mystery Answers for April 2014, Then & Now Monroe Street Bridge, Upcoming Events
2014-4Information about Pape House, Weather & Lillian Grothaus, Letters, Civil War 1864, Tuberculosis in New Bremen, Sweet 50’s Memories by JoAnne Meckstroth, Class of 1964 Reunion, History Mystery Page, Road Law, Carl Pape Award, Then & Now Kuenzel Mills, Book Signing, New Volunteer, Raffle Winners, Membership Report, Donations, Upcoming Events
2015-1Christmas Tree Festival at Lockkeepers House, Letters from Readers, Treasure Trove of Memories with Dicke, Kuenning, Schwieterman, Interview with Selma Geib, Bob Gilberg and New Bremen 1950s, Pat Gels D’Alessio More 50s Capers, Changing Customs & Manner of Living by Gen, NBHS Class of 1939 Reunion, Membership Report, Sydney Holdren report, History Mystery Page, Upcoming Events
2015-22015 Annual Dinner Bob Gilberg, Membership Report, Annual Reports, NB Notable Wilbur Garmhausen, Native Americans first inhabitants NB, Prohibition Comes to NB, New Bremen in 1943, Early “Social Media”, From NBSun 100yrs.ago, Letters, What Did You Do This Weekend?, History Mystery Page, Upcoming Events
2015-3Furniture Collection at Pape House, NB Notable Louis Huenke, Part 1- Dairying as seen from White Mountain, CW report 1865, Do You Remember Autograph Books?, The Forbidden Class by Jo Meckstroth, Summertime in Early NB-park, Hartwig Grove, What’s New? Komminsk Park, Path & Letters, Membership Report, History Mystery-veterans-Upcoming Events
2015-4Don Pape Story, NB Notable Charles Boesel, Part 2-Dairying as seen from White Mountain, My Move to Canal House by M. Lietz, NB Citizens in California Gold Rush, Come Explore NB, NBHS Class of 1955 Reunion, NBHS Class of 1965 Reunion, Letters, Membership Report, Greg Parrott visit, Upcoming Events
Jan 201601-NBHA News, Greg Parrott, Raffle, NB Seal Returned, 02-Christmas Tree Festival, 04-Interview with Catherine Schroeder Graf, 07-First High School Graduates, 08- Part 3-Dairying as seen from White Mountain, 10-Mousa Family by Bruce & Barbara Mousa, 12-Candy Memories, 14-Dicke Cousins Reunion, 70th Reunion of NBHS Class ‘45, 15-History Mystery Page, 16- Upcoming Events
Apr 201601-2016 Annual Dinner Meeting Greg Parrott, 02-Niles Harris by JoAnne Meckstroth, 05-Cats & Tin Cans, 06-Lois Hardwick, 07-Honoring our volunteers, 08-Rev. Herbert A. Dickman, 10-Filling Station Pumps by Susan Schulenberg Rabe, 12-Black Birds in Park & NB Ordinances, 13-School Days with Ralph May, 14-Letters & Membership News
Jul 201601-Visitors to Museums, 02-Letters, Membership Reports, 03-NB Notable Rabe Family, 06-Here Comes the Dinkey!, 08-Schwieterman Pharmacy 100th Anniversary, 09-Gilberg Furniture 90th Anniversary, 10-Ice Cream in New Bremen, 12-What Can We Learn from Cemeteries, 15-Museum Highlight, History Mystery
Oct 201601-Museum visitors, 02-My Life by Lois Moeller, 05-Museum Highlight, History Mystery, 06-Auglaize County’s Wright Connection, 07-Growing up in a small Town by Adeleine Whitten, 08-Cholera Orphans, 10-Suit of Clothes by Susan Schulenberg Rabe, 12-Oil & Gas Boom Times, 13-NB Town Clock, 14-Letters, Class Reunions, 15-Membership reports, 16-Upcoming Events
Jan 201701-2017 Christmas Tree Festival, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Baseball Comes to New Bremen, 06-German Migration by C. Boesel & P. Maurer, 08-School Lunches (1947), 10-A Look at Old New Bremen, 11-Class Reunions, 12-Jim & Jack Moeller, 13-Paul Poppe, 14-Letters, 15-Museum Highlight & History Mystery, 16-Upcoming Events
Apr 201701- 2017 Annual Dinner Meeting, Tim Eiting speaker, 02- Membership Reports, Letters, 04- Bicycle Craze, 08- Scarlet Fever, 09- NB Notable Bud Kettler, 10- Early Years of NBHS Basketball, 12- Auglaize County: In Motion with Ruth Evelyn McKay, 13- Babies (twins), 14- Museum Highlights & History Mystery, 16- Upcoming Events
Jul 201701- Auglaize County: In Motion report, 02- Membership Reports, Letters, 04- Immigration to America (Joel Epstein), 08- 1917 U.S. Enters World War, 10- School Room News, 11- History Walk with 3rd graders, Class rings, 12- The Good Roads Problem, 14- What is it, Where is it? & History Mystery, 15- NB Postal Service by Walter Behm, 16 –Upcoming Events
Oct 201701-2017 Bremenfest Parade, 02-Membership reports, 03-NBHA News, Letters, 04-Conversation with Kitty Hunt Ziegenbusch, 06-Huckster Wagons, 07-School News from the Past, 08-E. G. Conradi Travels West #1, 10-There was Music in the Air, 12-How about a little Lunch? With John Dickman, 13-Class of 1967 Reunion, 14-Class of 1955 Reunion, 15-History Mystery
Jan 201801-New Bremen Cardinals Win State Title, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Letters, 05-The Auglaize Trail before New Bremen, 06-Hardware, History Go Hand-in-Hand with Stan Kuenning, 08-People and Places in New Bremen I Like to Remember by Marguerite Koop Kunning, 10-E. G. Conradi Travels West #2, 12-New Bremen Pioneer is also a Man of Mystery Frederick H. Speckmann, 14-In Times of Trouble/ Chocolate Cake recipes, 15-Lock One Community Arts in Action/NBHA News, 16-Cardinal Team Identification from page 1
Apr 201801-2018 Annual Dinner Meeting at Old H.S. Gym, 02-Membership Reports, 03-NBHA News/Letters, 04-New Bremen during WWI, 07-Interview with, 08-How Did It All Begin and How Have We Grown In 45 Years/ Charter Members, 10-From Canal Lands to the Library and Lock One Park, 12-New Bremen’s Quest for a Library, 14-A Few Dog Stories from the Past, 16-Upcoming Events
Jul 201801-Visit New Bremen Museums/pictures of visitors, 02-Membership Reports, 03-NBHA News/Letters, 05-Visit with Grandpa Otte, 08-Katy Berning Gilbert articles, 10-WWI as Reported by the New Bremen Sun Newspaper, 12-Trip to Yellowstone by E. G. Conradi, 1904, 15-History Mystery 5th Graders 1945/WOW group 1983, 16-Upcoming Events
Oct 201801-Bremenfest Parade-#commUNITY, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Letters, 04-What did you do for fun? By Katy Berning Gilbert, 05-Tri-County Fair by Oscar O. Raberding, 06-From Sidney to Sydney/Darlene Neuman, 08-Great War Comes to a Close, 12-Recent Donations/ Biederman, Neuman, 13-Beginning of NBHA, 14-NBHA Trustees at Work, 15-NBHS Class of ’53 at Coffee Shop/History Mystery pics, 16-Upcoming Events
Jan 201901-Honoring WWI Veterans/1919 picture, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Letters, 04-Doris Thielker Tangeman Remembers, 05-Ralph May Remembers Vogelsang Field, 06-A 70 Year Mystery by Edward Conradi Ekermeyer, 10-1930 in New Bremen, 14-Changing with the Times/saloons & Prohibition, 15-History Mystery/bank & Ray Tomhafe, 16-Upcoming Events/NBHS School Project
Apr 201901-2019 NBHA Annual Dinner Meeting pictures, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Letters/visitors, 04-Ferdy by Robert Gilberg, 06-Early Photography, 09-A Wisconsin Boesel with NB Connection, 10-Oldest Bowstring Pony Truss Bridge in Ohio, 13-New Bremen’s Grits, 14-History Mystery/1990 Betty & Dianne Komminsk, 2002 NBHA board removing bricks, 15-NBHA welcomes Governor DeWine/Bridge Railings, 16-Upcoming Events/Don Gagel presented program at Elmwood
Jul 201901-Justin Luedeke presentation, 02-Membership Reports, 03-Letters/Visitors, 04-A Visit with Karl & Ethel Mesloh, 07-Centennial for American Legion, New Bremen Post Commanders, 10-WWI Uniforms in Museum, 12-Early Eyeglasses with John Halsema, Fred Ende, 13-WWII German POWs in Auglaize County, 15-History Mystery Bremenfest 1989, 16-Memorial Bench Niles Harris & Lynne Harris Thompson
Oct 201901-45th Bremenfest pictures, 02-Membership Reports, 03-NBHA News/ Letters, 04-Pictorial Tour of Washington Street through years, 07-New Bremen Notables/ The Halsema Family, 08-What Gas Stations do You Remember?, 10-Tick Tock by Robert Gilberg, 12-Gas Mask WWI and Lewis Poppe, 14-Telephone Book Musings by Esther Fearing Quist, 15-NBHS Class Reunions, Class of 1955, 1964, 16-History Mystery Walter Topp, Walt Schmitmeyer
Jan 202001-New Bremen in 1920, 02-New Members, 03-Diane Komminsk, 04-Letters and News, 08-New Bremen Entreprneurs, 10-Memories from David Meyers, 12-Lola Patterson gets patent, 16-History Mystery
Apr 202001-Coronavirus Pandemic, 01-Pandemics in New Bremen throughout history, 04-Looking Back by Edith (Blanke) Wissman, 05-The Arcade, 09-Margaret Boesel's New Bremen Connection, 10-A Grave Matter by David Meyers, 11-For Want of a Nail by David Meyers, 13-History Mystery, 14-Memories of Dr. Fledderjohann.
Jul 202001-Hidden Treasure, 02-NBHA Letters, 05-The Life and Times of Early Pioneers, 07-Dear Deer Where are You?, 08-Good Bye South Walnut Street School, 12-Coming Home by Bob Gilberg, 14-Jerry Maxson, 15-Dixie Highway, 16-History Mystery.
Oct 202001-Bremenfest Memories, 02-Items Donated, 03-NBHA News & Letters, 04-NBHS Class of '72 Remembers, 07-1954 Case Solved by NB Police (Cheif "Mollie" Wehrman), 08-German Township Westside School, 10-History of the New Bremen School District, 11-Ohio Canals, 14-How New Bremen Streets got their names, 15-From Our Museum (Louise Kohl Purpus photo, 1946-1949 County Baseball Champions, Old Lunch Tray, Quarantine signs from the 1900s).