The Alma Mater

The New Bremen High School Alma Mater was written by 1909 graduating class member Ernest M. Botkin. The class of 1909 was also the first class to have a yearbook, the "Mirage", which is still the name of the year book today.


Ernest M. Botkin

There is a name we all hold dear,
We will love it till we die,
It is the name of our High School
The dear New Bremen High!

As we struggle here our strength to gain
Of mystic knowledge store,
'Tween her classic walls each day we learn
To love her more and more.

When our High School days
Have glided by and the trials of life we meet,
Midst the trials and cares school days shall rise
In fond remembrance sweet.


Then hurrah for our school,
Our dear High School,
Her honor we'll uphold
And to the end we will defend
The Crimson and the Gold!