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NBHS Graduates Summary

Alma Mater (School Song) after Class of 1909


The New Bremen High School was first organized in 1879 with a three-year course which was changed to a four-year course in the fall of 1899. The following is a list of all N.B.H.S. graduates, starting with the class of 1882 up to 2009. I have attempted to identify the students of the past 50 years or more as to who their parents are for genealogical purposes. There are some lapses. If you have any additional information to add (or corrections to make), please notify me.









Mesloh, Charles W.

German Professor at O.S.U.





Torrence, Minnie

Dau. of School Supt. (Mrs. W.R. Duval - Circleville)





Buss, Albert C.

Editor of Evening Leader - Secy./Independent Hoop-N.B./1909











Bakhaus, Harry

Banker - Columbus


Dinkel, Phillip (Dinkel-Helwig Groc.)

Grocer at Lima /1909 & author N.B. Sun's "Horse & Buggy Days"


Grothaus, Edmund

Osteopath at Van Wert - Secy./Lanfersieck & Grothaus (1909)











Conradi, Edward (Carl/Gertrude)

Pres. of Florida State College for Women - Tallahassee, Florida


Schrage, Henry A.

Teacher in N.B. Schools & N.B. Village Clerk


Steinberg, Herman

Attorney in N.Y. City





Conradi, Emil G. (Carl/Gertrude)

Editor of "N.B. Sun" & "Star of Western Ohio"


Frey, Amanda

Mrs. Wierwille


Williams, Cornelius

Shoemaker - Toledo





Bruggeman, William

Woodworker - Carthage, (Ohio?)


Gagle, William

Real Estate business - Middleborough, Kentucky


Grothaus, Augusta (m. 8/1898)

Mrs. Ed Conradi - 1st woman teacher in N.B. schools (1893)


Rabe, Ida

daughter of William & Mary - Mrs. Lafe Kunning

















Halsema, John C.

Principal at N.B. & Supt. at Minster schools


Steinebrey, Alfred

N.B. 8th grade teacher & rural mail carrier





Bakhaus, Clarence R.

Bank cashier - Home Bank - St. Marys


Conradi, Albert

son of Carl & Gertrude - Professor at Clemson College in S.C.


Heitmann, Henry

Professor of Eastman Business College at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


Schmidt, Otto G.

Chicago - (A.B. - Bachelor of Arts?)


Stone, Thomas W.

Mechanical Engineer at Fort Wayne


Vornholt, Julius

Ann Arbor, Mich. (A.B. - O.S.U.)





Dierker, Lillie

Mrs. Wilbur Rairdon


Funke, Lydia

Mrs. C. Vogt - Decatur, Indiana


Meyer, Henry

Clerk - Dayton


Stone, Maud

Mrs. Theodore Tangeman - Primary teacher


Wiedeman, Benjamin

Merchant - Gilt Edge, Montana











Dieckmann, Christ. W.

Clerk - St. Louis, Missouri


Gagle, Lafayette M.

Traveling salesman


Grothaus, Lillian

New Bremen


Halsema, Lucius H.

National Cash Register - Dayton


Kettler, Frank C.

Mechanical Engineer at Willard, N.M.


Klanke, Adolph

Klanke Furniture Co.


Steinebrey, Charles E.

Bookkeeper - White Mountain Creamery - St. Marys


Tangeman, Theodore H.

son of Herman & Sophie - Attorney At Wapakoneta


Voeckel, Bertha

Telephone operator - Los Angeles





Schmidt, Dorothy/Dora C.

Willard, New Mexico


Stone, Bessie L.

Mrs. Otto Boesel





Barienbrock, Sadie

Saleslady - Columbus


Boesel, Luetta

daughter of Gustave & Elizabeth - Mrs. Burnette Heck


Finke, Emil

Purser, S.S. Durcellum - Montreal, Canada


Fischer, Lizzie

daughter of Rev. Christian & Eliz. Fischer - Mrs. Theodore Eisen


Garmhausen, Emma

Mrs. O.O. LeMaster (Dr.)(lived in Sidney (Kettlersville/1909)


Halsema, Eusebius

U.S. Civil Engineer in Philipines - married Marie Boesel


Jung, Dora

Denver, Colorado


Mesloh, Emma

daughter of J.H. & Wilhelmina - Mrs. Harvey Henning


Steinebrey, Frank

Insurance - Los Angeles


Thiesing, Clara

Mrs. Jess Wesner/Wessner - Hartford City, Indiana & N.B.





Feather, Letitia J.

Mrs. George Haveman (lived in N.B.)


Schmidt, Bertha A.



Tangeman, Clara M.

Home Economics teacher in Lima - Mrs. Jacob Haller





Barienbrock, Charles H.

Mechanical engineer - Columbus


Boesel, Leona M.

daughter of Gustave & Elizabeth - died in August, 1901


Boesel, Marie

daughter of Julius & Amelia - Mrs. Eusebius Halsema


Boesel, Otto

son of Jacob & Louise - Lawyer - Wapakoneta


Hoffman, Conrad (Rev.)

son of Philip & Marie - Minister - Waldo, Ohio


Huenke, Clifford V.

son of Louis & Emma - Mgr. of White Mountain Co. in N.B. & Lima


Kuenzel, Oscar

Mechanical engineer - Pennsylvania Railway - Columbus





Fischer, Ernest

son of Rev. Fischer - taught German at Mich. Agricultural College





Boesel, Albert G. (son of Julius)

Worked for Wall St. Journal in NYC (attended Yale)


Boesel, Walter J. (son of Jacob)

Worked for architect in Columbus - Central Union Telephone Co.


Geib, Cornelius J.



Halsema, Bernard S.

Electrician - Chickasha, Okla.


Hoberg, Harry H.

Attended O.S.U - Columbus


Koeper, I. Landry

Civil Engineer - Northern Pacific Railway - Aberdeen, Washington


Kuenzel, Felix A.

B.S. / O.S.U. - Winthrop, Maine





Feather, Edith

New Bremen


Finke, Olga

Mrs. Henry Kuhlman (1911) - Teacher


Gress, Edna

New Bremen


Heinfeldt, Ruby

Mrs. Irwin H. Boesel (Dr.) - teacher


Laut, Ida G.

daughter of Christian & Catherine - Mrs. Walter Boesel


Pohlman, Irvin

O.S.U. - Columbus





Boesel, Irwin

son of Gustave & Elizabeth - Doctor - Mich. Univ. / Ann Arbor


Boesel, Robert (son of Julius)

With the American Counsel in Vienna, Austria - O.S.U.


Grewe, Lucie/Lucia (b. 1888)

Mrs. Emil Conradi - Gas office clerk - N.B.


Grewe, Oscar (b. 1885)

Railway clerk - Chicago (C.B.&Q.)


Halsema, Geciena

Telephone operator


Kettler, Hugo

Went west for his health - O.S.U. - Columbus


Komminsk, Harry

O.S.U. - Columbus - married Gertrude Huenke





Beachler, Leroy

son of William Beachler, Superintendent? (1903-1906)


Berend, Max

son of Max, Sr. & Martha - worked in Cleveland - Teacher, N.B.


Brinkmeyer, Bertha

Stenographer - Dayton Soap Co. - Dayton, Ohio


Brinkmeyer, Theodore

1st National Bank - Dayton


Hoffman, Daniel

son of Philip & Marie - Kerr & Snodgrass - Toledo


Jung, Leroy

Gas fitter - Denver, Colorado


Meckstroth, Jacob (1)

O.S.U. - Columbus


Meckstroth, Jacob (2)

O.S.U. - Columbus


Neuman, Clara

Mrs. Walter Sunderman - teacher


Sunderman, Walter

son of Henry & Louise - landscape gardening in Cleveland


Wittenbrink, Harry

Michigan Univ. - Ann Arbor





Berend, Kurt

son of Max, Sr. & Martha?


Boesel, Frieda

daugher of Charles, Jr. & Louise? - Music Teacher in N.B.


Boesel, Stephen (son of Julius)

Married in 1917? - Dr. in Niles, Ohio - O.S.U. - Columbus


Garmhausen, Ervin

O.S.U. - Columbus


Gobrecht, Edward



Komminsk, Hilda

Mrs. W.L. Burk (Dr.) Wooster Univ. - Wooster


Kuenzel, Paul

Married in 1917? - lived out west - O.S.U. - Columbus


Purpus, Leo

son of Theodore





Dierker, Minnie



Fledderjohann, Frances

Conservatory of Music - Oberlin


Gast, Charles

son of Gregore & Bertha - Teacher


Harrison, Clarence



Heitman, Emil

Studied for pastor - lived in Cleveland - Teacher (1909)


Kah, Clarence

Taught in N.Y. - Mich. Univ. - Ann Arbor


Laut, Paula

Mrs. Mont Youngs - Teacher


Meckstroth, Gustav A.

Teacher - New Knoxville


Meckstroth, Wesley

Teacher - New Knoxville


Nussmeyer, Harry

O.S.U. - Columbus


Schroerluke, Orrin

Minister - Elmhurst College - Elmhurst, Illinois


Sherman, Bernie

Clerk - Minster


Sherman, Matthias

O.S.U. - Columbus


Speckman, Bertha

daughter of Fred & Wilhelmina - Mrs. Theo. Brinkmeyer - Dayton


Steinriede, John

Teacher - Died before 1917


Stienecker, Lina

New Knoxville


Weinberg, Walter

O.S.U. - Columbus





Bienz, Helen Leona

Mrs. Felix Kuenzel


Boesel, Allan Julian

son of Gustave & Elizabeth


Botkin, Ernest Marcellus

Wrote the school song (see below*)


Dicke, Allen Augustus

son of Henry & Emma - married Amber Neuman


Ekermeyer, Esther L.M.



Flack, Gertrude



Fledderjohann, Clara Louise

daughter of Rep. B.A. Fledderjohann - Mrs. Allan Boesel


Garmhausen, Herbert E.

married Fannie LaDow


Gieseke, Edward John



Grothaus, Alvin F.W.

son of John H. & Emelie - never married


Grothaus, Walter William

son of John H. & Emelie - married Katharine Rabe


Hengen, Fredric J.



Huenke, Howard Henry

son of Louis & Emma - married Verona Langhorst


Kettler, Herbert H.W.



Koop, Bernice May

daughter of Cornelius & Emma


Laufersweiler, Olive E.



Laut, Esther Rose

married Charles Moore (Paulding)


Limbach, Bernice Louise



Neuman, Viola Marie F.



Oberwitte, Grover F.J.



Pohlman, Alma Caroline

married Robert Brockie - Jackson, Michigan


Rabe, William Henry

son of Theodore & Ida


Shearer, Ray M.



Stone, Margaret Cleo



Stork, Harry Henry


142 Graduates to date (91 boys & 51 girls - 1909 "Mirage" - 1st annual yearbook)



Ernest M. Botkin

There is a name we all hold dear,
We will love it till we die,
It is the name of our High School
The dear New Bremen High!

As we struggle here our strength to gain
Of mystic knowledge store,
'Tween her classic walls each day we learn
To love her more and more.

When our High School days
Have glided by and the trials of life we meet,
Midst the trials and cares school days shall rise
In fond remembrance sweet.


Then hurrah for our school,
Our dear High School,
Her honor we'll uphold
And to the end we will defend
The Crimson and the Gold!




Althoff, Otto C.



Barth, Arthur

son of Friedrich & Henriette?


Boesel, Dorothy

daughter of Julius & Amelia - Mrs. Pete Gossard


Boesel, Grace M.

daughter of Adolph & Ida - Mrs. Elmer Ende


Conradi, Leo C.H.W.



Cron, Orie H.L.



Ende, Elmer Friedrich

son of Fred & Georgina


Feldwisch, Henry



Fledderjohann, Luella C.

Mrs. Alvin Broerman


Fledderjohann, Walter



Gast, Romand A.

son of Gregore & Bertha


Gobrecht, Ethel L.

Mrs. Louis Kohl


Grewe, Leonard G.



Halsema, Elizabeth

Telephone operator


Heil, Helen

daughter of Charles & Louise - Mrs. Edward Erhardt


Henschen, Henry B.



Holtkamp, Otto



Kattman, Edward H.



Kuenning/Kunning, Myrtle M.



LaDow, Fannie A.

Mrs. Herb Garmhausen


Luebkemann, Clara

Mrs. Raymond Gray, Emil Vornholt, Elmer Kellermeyer


May, Ralph C.

New Bremen historian


Meckstroth, Richard B. (Rev.)



Meckstroth, William A.



Meyerholtz, Edwin J.



Rodeheffer, Edwin A.



Rodeheffer, Ferdinand F.



Schmidt, Leonard H. (Dr.)



Schroeder, Edgar A.



Solms, Earl O.E.

son of Emil & Augusta?


Sunderman, Edwin F.

son of Henry & Louise


Taylor, George (aka Todd)

brother of Jim Taylor


Vornholt, Alfrieda Marie

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Raymond Moeller


Wierwille/Snow?, Leona

(class roll says Wierwille)(reunion says Snow/Mrs. Emil Finke)





Berend, Elsie

daughter of Max, Sr. & Martha - Mrs. Albert Huenke, Jr. ("Mack")


Block, Henry


N.B. Sun

Boesel, Milton

son of Carl Boesel, III & Mary (Ahrns)


Flack, Harry



Garmhausen, Helen



Gieseke, Theodore



Gilberg, Ora

Mrs. Carl Komminsk - Lima


Heinfeldt, Pearly



Heitman, Lorenz

son of William & Elizabeth


Hoffman, Howard

actor son of J.L. Hoffman, who built drug store


Huenke, Albert ("Mack"?)

son of Lambert & Minnie


Kellermeyer, Elvin

son of Herman & Anna (Meier)


Kuenzel, Hunter

son of Ewald & Myra (Hunter)


Neuman, Vernon



Rabe, Hazel

daughter of August - Mrs. Elmer Kellermeyer


Schroeder, Clarence

son of Henry & Anna - dentist


Sunderman, Leo



Vogelsang, Clara

Mrs. Robert Ellis (1st wife)





Boesel, Meta

daughter of Gustave & Elizabeth


Boesel, Richard

son of Julius & Amelia

Marge Schmidt

Buss, Homer

son of Albert C. & Anna


Dickman, Hilmer (Rev.)



Ekermeyer, Irene

never married


Feldwisch, Benjamin



Fischer, Hedwig

daughter of Rev. Christian & Eliz. Fischer - wife of Rev. Konrad


Garmhausen, Grace



Gobrecht, Madgalena

Mrs. Alvin Pape


Greber, Forest



Gress, Helen

Mrs. Richard Jacobs


Grothaus, Clarence



Grothaus, Naomi

Mrs. Edwin Sunderman


Heil, Alma

daughter of Charles & Emelie - Mrs. Irvin Westerbeck


Ihle, Cort

son of Martin & Pina - killed in W.W.I


Koenig, Emil

son of August & Caroline


Koeper, Ivan



Kuenning, Erma

Mrs. Reinhart Kuck


Langhorst, Frances



Meckstroth, Caroline

Mrs. Holtkamp


Moeller, Frieda

Mrs. George Taylor


Neuman, Amber

Mrs. Allen Dicke


Patterson, Lola

daughter of Ed & Josephine - never married


Poppe, Lewis

son of Joachim & Wilhelmina


Rabe, Alfred

son of Theodore & Ida


Roettger, Elmer



Schmidt, Goldie

never married


Stork, William



Wehmeyer, Clara

Mrs. Dorsey





Boesel, Clifton W.

son of Carl Boesel, III & Mary (Ahrns)


Cook, Selma M.


1913 Mirage

Fearing, Esther

daughter of Adelia Fearing - Mrs. Carl Quist


Fledderjohann, Jennie L.



Fledderjohann, Zella H.



Garmhausen, Lorma A.



Gast, James Clifford

son of Gregore & Bertha


Holtkamp, Esther M.



Jung, Felix F.



Koop, Gladys L.

daughter of Cornelius & Emma - Mrs. John Walsh


Kuenning/Kunning, Chester H.



Kuenzel, Ruth M.

Mrs. Arthur Smith (both missionaries to Japan) - died 2/7/1960


Laut, Louise C.

daughter of Herman & Dorothea - Mrs. Ray Knipple


Lutterbein, Benjamin H.



Nieter, Leonard W.



Pape, Edward W.



Purpus, Carl J.

son of Fridolin & Alma


Speckmann, Viola C.

daughter of Fred & Wilhelmina - Mrs. Lester Laut


Vogelsang, Fred C.



Vornholt, Esther S.

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Vernon Conradi, Herman Freytag


Wierth, Edna M.



Wuebbenhorst, Laura S.



Wuebbenhorst, Raleigh

son of Julius & Sophie





Behm, Leora M.

daughter of Wilson & Ida


Berend, Albert W.

son of Max, Sr. & Martha?


Boesel, Reuben J. (Dr.)

son of Adolph & Ida


Boesel, Waldo W.

son of Gustave & Elizabeth


Cook, Frances S.



Egbert, Levi W.



Grothaus, Charles R.



Heil, Letha M.

daughter of Charles & Louise - Mrs. Orville Rider


Holtkamp, Elizabeth C.



Houser, Edith S.



Katterheinrich, Elmer E.



Kuck, Esther E.

daughter of Ernst & Laura - Mrs. Leo Kuhlhorst


Kuck, Reinhart W.

married Erma Kuenning


Langhorst, Lyda E.

Mrs. Elmer Roettger


Langhorst, William A.



Meckstroth, Matilda L.



Neuman, Gladys E.

Mrs. Delbert Schwierking


Oberwitte, William C.F.



Schlueter, William A.



Solms, Hulda L.

daughter of Oliver & Clementine - Mrs. James Bishop, Mrs. Slife





Boesel, Caesar

son of Carl Boesel, III & Mary (Ahrns)


Boesel, Gertrude

daughter of Julius & Amelia

N.B. Sun

Dicke, Esther

daughter of Henry & Emma - Mrs. Earl Kuenning


Ekermeyer, Maud

never married


Eschmeyer, Bertha



Gast, Irene

daughter of Gregore & Bertha


Gieseke, Emma



Henninger, Gretchen

Mrs. Edward Siemer (1921) - Quincy, Illinois


Jung, Albert



Kuenning, Paul



Lutterbein, Andrew



Meckstroth, Alvina

Mrs. Fred Henschen


Meyer, Marguerite



Neuman, Hilmer



Raberding, Arthur



Schowe, Marie

daughter of Fred & Minnie - Mrs. Alfred Rabe


Schrage, Carl

son of Henry & Anna


Schulenberg, Cade

son of Herb & Lula - married Norma Heil


Schwaberow, Harry



Solms, Ruby

daughter of Emil & Augusta?


Speckman, Edgar



Speckman, Fred

son of Fred & Wilhelmina


Sunderman, Bertha

daughter of Henry & Louise - Mrs. Emil Koenig


Vogelsang, Aaron






Boesel, Elsa

daughter of Adolph & Ida - Mrs. Bunten


Ebs, Harold


N.B. Sun

Eschmeyer, Reinhart (Rev.)



Fischer, Gertrude

daughter of Rev. Christian & Eliz. Fischer - Mrs. Oscar Schindler


Garmhausen, Ora



Haveman, Gertrude



Heil, Norma

daughter of Charles & Louise - Mrs. Cade Schulenberg


Henkener, Raymond



Hirschfeld, Della



Holtkamp, Lydia



Isern, Homer



Kuenzel, Myra

daughter of Ewald & Myra (Hunter) - Mrs. Brane


Langhorst, Howard



Laut, Naomi

Mrs. Earl Pabst, Mrs. Harold Steinle


Luedeke/Ludeka, Harry

son of Louis & Anna - never married


Maurer, Jacob Jr.



Meckstroth, Ella



Schroer, Harry

son of Gus Schroer - 1/2 brother also named Harry Schroer


Solms, Marie

daughter of Oliver & Clementine - Mrs. George Gensler


Vornholt, Huldreich

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Vaughn





Bessel, Mildred

daughter of Morris & Cecelia - Mrs. Kramer


Blanke, Victor

son of Henry & Florence


Boesel, Mamie

dau. of Carl, III & Mary (Ahrns)-Mrs. Melvin Brentlinger (1927)

N.B. Sun

Brose, Earl

son of George & Justine


Dicke, Augusta



Dicke, Ferdinand

son of William & Florence - Iowa


Fledderjohann, Alvina



Greiwe, Marie



Grothaus, Daniel



Kettler, Herbert



Komminsk, Naomi

Mrs. Arnold Henke (1920)


Laut, Herman ("Bud")

son of Herman & Dorothea


Meyer, Edgar



Miller, Mae

Mrs. Leo Sunderman


Neumann, Carolyn



Raberding, Clifford



Schowe, Lula

Mrs. Harold Ebs (1918)


Schrage, Marie

daughter of Henry & Anna


Schulenberg, Elton

son of Herb & Lula? - married Norma Heil


Wierth, Edgar



Wittich, Hedwig

daughter of Rev. Philip Wittich?


Woehler, Walter (aka Pete)

son of Gust & Elizabeth





Brinkmeyer, Mabel



Brose, Dorothy

daughter of George & Justine

N.B. Sun

Conradi, Vernon

son of August & Rosina


Dicke, Hermine

daughter of Henry & Emma - Mrs. Leon Kellermeyer


Dickman, Bernice

Mrs. Raymond Koenig


Ekermeyer, Carl



Elbert, Julitta



Hirschfeld, Ruth



Huenke, Minnie

daughter of Albert G. & Minnie (Jordan)


Kamman, Irene

daughter of Fred & Margaret - Mrs. Carl Dicke


Knipple, Marie

daughter of Wm. J. & Clara?


Kuenning, Ralph



Kuenning/Kunning, Richard



Kuenzel, Wilhelmine

Mrs. Carter - Cleveland (1960)


Lewis, Janice

daughter of Robert & Gladys (Doenges) Lewis?


Ludeka/Luedeke, Bernice

daughter of Louis & Anna - never married


Meckstroth, Emil



Mueller, Elsa



Schaefer, Leota

daughter of Herman & Rosa - Mrs. Edward Swartz


Schelper, Bendetta

daughter of Henry & Laura - Mrs. Lee Wallace


Solms, Carl F.

son of Oliver & Clementine


Speckman, Lloyd



Tecklenburg, Everett



Thielker, Elmer

son of Henry & Mary


Wehmeyer, Hazel



Wierth, Bertha






Ahlers, Harry



Boesel, Lyman



Boesel, Mildred

daughter of Adolph & Ida - Mrs. Wolfe


Bruns, Frances

daughter of Fernando William & Anna - Mrs. Bishop


Clausing, Ferdinand



Froning, Raymond

son of Jacob


Grothaus, Elizabeth

Mrs. Herman Freytag (1923)


Haines, Charlotte

daughter of Mayor E.R. Haines


Heil, Lawrence



Koop, Marguerite

daughter of Cornelius & Emma - Mrs. Richard Kunning


Kuenning/Kunning, Dorothy

Mrs. Reynolds


Nieter, Hedwig



Nieter, Helen



Rabe, Katherine

daughter of Theodore & Ida - Mrs. Walter Grothaus


Schulenberg, Ione

daughter of Herb & Lula - Mrs. Frederick Leroy Schaefer


Speckman, Catherine

daughter of Fred & Wilhelmina - Mrs. Orlando ("Put") Gilberg


Sunderman, Richard

son of Henry & Louise


Tebbe, Lawrence



Trautwein, Chester



Vornholt, Norma

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Harris Sharp


Weinberg, Vera (Loverta?)

daughter of William & Emma?


Wierth, Itala



Woehler, Marie

daughter of Gust & Elizabeth - Mrs. Hogan


Wuebbenhorst, Ernst





Boesel, Marion (Dr.)



Brandt, Esther

daughter of Emil & Minnie - never married


Dicke, Arlie

son of William & Florence


Fritz, Omer



Garmhausen, Wilbur



Gieseke, Malinda

Mrs. Virgil Horn


Gilberg, Orlando ("Put")



Grothaus, Wallace



Hirschfeld, Lola

daughter of William & Auguste - Mrs. Ray Busse


Jordan, Wayne



Kettler, Nora



Kuck, Walter



Kuenzel, Harriet

daughter of Ewald & Myra (Hunter) - Mrs. Wayne Jordan


Langhorst, Edna

Mrs. Schoonover


Laut, Lloyd

son of Clarence & Luetta


Meckstroth, Meta

Mrs. Art Hoge


Neuman, Felix

son of Henry & Emma


Purpus, Eleanor

daughter of Fridolin & Alma - Mrs. Reuben Dickman


Schmedt, Clara

Mrs. Howard Irwin


Speckman, Selma

daughter of John & Elisa - Mrs. Marion H. Briggs, Dr.


Stroefer, Helen

daughter of Edward & Malinda


Stroefer, Leon

son of John & Sophie?





Bessel, Lula

Mrs. Herbert LaPook (1936), Mrs. Sidney Baumgarten - Chicago


Blanke, Orrin

son of Henry & Florence

N.B. Sun

Brockman, Goldie

Mrs. Ewald Beickman


Bruns, Erline

daughter of Fernando William & Anna - Mrs. Howard England


Buchanan, Doris

daughter of S.R. Buchanan? - 22 S. Franklin?


Dietze, Hulda



Gilberg, Paul

son of Fred & Margaret


Henninger, Brunhilda

Mrs. Koester


Hoffman, Ezra

son of Henry & Helena - Cerritos, California


Houtz, Myrtle

Mrs. Kiley - Jersey City, N.J.


Kettler, Laverta

Mrs. Hittepole


Kuenzel, Theodore

Rocky River, Ohio (1960)


Maurer, Wilson

son of Gustave & Johanna


Meyer, Harold

son of Henry & Louise


Mueller, Adiel

son of John & Florentine


Nieter, Edgar

Jersey City, N.J.


Schaefer, Harold

son of Herman & Rosa


Shafer, Almond



Solms, Frances

daughter of Oliver & Clementine - Mrs. Clarence Keating


Speckman, Roma

daughter of John & Elisa - Dayton


Uetrecht, Madella

daughter of Herman & Elenora - Mrs. Ray Tomhafe


Vornholt, Pauline

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Paul Gilberg


Wiehe, Ida

Mrs. Frank Moots


Wierth, Clifford (Rev.)

Ben Arnold, Texas





Bessel, Jeanette E.

daughter of Morris & Cecelia - Mrs. Clifford Harris


Blanke, Lester

son of Henry & Florence

N.B. Sun

Brinkmeyer, Ralph



Conradi, Lambert

son of August & Rosina


Dammeyer, Leona M.

Mrs. Edward Wellman


Dicke, Alma

daughter of William & Florence - Mrs. Waesch


Dicke, Helen

daughter of John & Amalie - Mrs. Richard Haines


Dietze, Ruth



Garmhausen, Pearl



Haines, Richard

son of Mayor E.R. Haines


Henninger, Isolde



Jung, Harold (Rev.)



Kamman, Edna

daughter of Fred & Margaret - Mrs. Charles Haarbye


Knipple, Wilbert

son of Wm. J. & Clara?


Kuenzel, Avis/Alvis? L.

daughter of Ewald & Myra (Hunter) - Mrs. Merkle


Luedeke, Liebert

son of Leo & Wilhelmine Christine


Lutterbein, Marie

Mrs. Ferd Clausing (1925)


Moeller, Raymond ("Caddy")

son of William & Emma


Niederhaus, Laura



Nieter, Paul



Poppe, Leo

son of Joachim & Wilhelmina


Soellmann/Sollman, Forest



Streine, Dorothy



Vornholt, Mildred

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Elton Schulenberg


Wehrman, Edward

son of Fred & Anna





Bertke, Lorma

daughter of Gus & Ida - Mrs. Eugene Linker


Brandt, Helen

daughter of Emil & Minnie - Mrs. Frederick Dillion

N.B. Sun

Eschmeyer, Reuben



Gilberg, Gertrude

Mrs. Emil Thielker


Grothaus, Wilhelmina

Mrs. Cunningham


Harlamert, Paul



Heil, Lillian

daughter of Charles & Emelie - Mrs. Sam Dixon, Sr.


Heinfeld, Arnold

son of Julius & Rosina


Heinfeld, Marie

Mrs. Meinken/Meincker? - Hudson, Indiana (1955)


Huenke, Lola

daughter of Leo & Amanda - Mrs. Marvin Dietrich


Kettler, Frances

Mrs. Orrin Blanke


Loy, Nettie

School teacher - never married


Mueller, Marie

daughter of August & Amanda - music teacher - never married


Neuman, Stella

Mrs. Orville Gruebmeyer


Rawers, Georgiana

Mrs. Morris


Scheer, Mabel

daughter of Wm. & Alma - Mrs. Carl ("Jack") Abbott


Schelper, Alton

married Alvera Stroefer - had Schelper's Meat Market


Schowe, Herbert (Rev.)

son of Henry & Emma


Speckman, Leola

daughter of John & Elisa - Mrs. Reuben Wissman


Stienecker, Norma

Mrs. Katterheinrich


Stroefer, Alvera

daughter of Edward & Malinda - Mrs. Alton Schelper


Tostrick, Esther

Mrs. Clarence Schroer


Wehmeyer, Marvel

Mrs. Draper


Wissman, Hedwig

Mrs. Harold/Hal Hott





Boesel, Eunice

daughter of Adolph & Ida - Mrs. Harold Brucken


Brucken, Harold

son of Joe & Lina


Dammeyer, Rola

Mrs. McDaniel


Ekermeyer, Ernest



Froning, Arthur



Froning, Mildred

daughter of Jacob - Mrs. Henry Westerheide


Geib, Fern

Mrs. Richard Wagner


Hamilton, Esther

Mrs. Russel (Mrs. Hofsted in 1974)


Hollingsworth, Corrine

daughter of Frank & Elnora - Mrs. Clayton ("Whitey") Schnell


Hulsmeyer, Albright



Jordan, Grace

Mrs. Seiple


Kuhlhorst, Harry

son of William & Emma


Laut, Arnold

son of Clarence & Luetta


Rawers, Barthold



Reiter, Albert



Roediger, Marie

daughter of Henry & Anna - Mrs. Wilbert ("Pete") Dammeyer


Roettger, Alvira

daughter of George & Alvina - Mrs. Herman Schmidt


Roettger, Carl



Streine, Frank



Uetrecht, Delores

daughter of Herman & Elenora - Mrs. Rudolph Zodikoff


Waterman, Leverne

daughter of Lafe & Bertha - Mrs. Walter McCollum


Weinberg, Howard ("Avey")

son of William & Emma





Bessel, Albert C.

son of Morris & Cecelia


Braun, Victor

son of Theodore & Martha

Marie Topp's

Brockman, Esther

Mrs. Harry V. Schroer


Bruns, Elton ("Pit")

son of Fernando William & Anna


Fledderjohann, Orlando

son of Dr. F.F. Fledderjohann


Grewe, Evelyn

never married


Heinfeld, Irene

Mrs. Landrum -Fairborn (1955)


Hirschfeld, Deloris

daughter of Emil ("Icy") & Ida - Mrs. Schnell


Hoewischer, Meta



Kiefer, Joe

son of Ed & Artie


Koenig, Esther

Mrs. Seybold


Langhorst, Katharine

Mrs. White


Neuman, Wilbert



Nieter, Katharine

Mrs. Hatfield


Otte, Marie

daughter of Christ & Dora - Mrs. Lafe Topp


Quellhorst, Esther

daughter of Edward & Alvina - Mrs. Ewald Kuck


Schaefer, Erna

daughter of Herman & Rosa - Mrs. Carl Schrage


Sollman, Marvin






Brandt, Marjorie M.

daughter of Emil & Minnie - Mrs. Buirley


Dicke, Wilbur W. ("Rip")

son of William & Forence

N.B. Sun

Dickman, Gladys M.



Dickman, Milford N.



Grothaus, Edna C.



Hartman, Irvin W.

son of Christ & Malinda - Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Haveman, Robert A.



Kettler, Viola C.



Knipple, Margaret A.

daughter of Wm. J. & Clara?


Koenig, Anna L. (twin)

daughter of August & Caroline - Mrs. Wilbur Rump


Koenig, Marie P. (twin)

daughter of August & Caroline - Mrs. Albert Dicke


Koenig, William E.



Kuenzel, David E.

son of Ewald & Myra (Hunter)


Kuhlhorst, Aretta S.

daughter of William & Emma - Mrs. Carl Schrock


Laut, Edward H.



Nieter, Clara Pauline



Paul, Robert J.

son of Edward & Katharine (Thiesing)


Purpus, Anna E. (Meldrum?)

 Dau. Of Mrs. Leo Purpus m. Bartel Desch, son of undertaker


Rabe, Marie L.

daughter of Ferd & Laura?


Roettger, Margaret J.



Tecklenberg, Roger L.



Wehrman, Marie S.

daughter of Fred & Anna - Mrs. Ernest Metz


Weiskittel, Walter A.



Wissman, Brunhilda L.






Archer, Morris

son of S.M. Archer, Superintendent (1926-1933)


Blanke, Lloyd

son of Henry & Florence

N.B. Sun

Brose, Sylvia

daughter of George & Justine?


Collins, Alberta

daughter of James & Rosalia - Mrs. Calvin Steinebrey


Dammeyer, Orville



Eschmeyer, Clara



Hartman, Bernice

daughter of Christ & Malinda


Heil, Ethel

daughter of Charles & Emelie - Mrs. Trout


Hirschfeld, Alfreda



Houtz, Geraldine



Huenke, Enola

daughter of Leo & Amanda - Mrs. Bernard Montague


Isenberger, Lucille

son of Hayes & Lorena - Mrs. Robert Casebolt


Kellermeyer, Vernon

son of Herbert, Sr. & Martha


Kluge, Margaret

daughter of Rev. Paul & Clara Kluge - Mrs. Green - New York?


Kyburz, Amelia

daughter of Gottlieb & Anna - Mrs. Lambert Conradi


Lietz, Dorothy



Melchert, Nora



Mueller, Carl



Rump, Edgar

son of Edward & Emma


Schneider, Ruth



Schowe, Esther

daughter of Henry & Emma


Schowe, Wilbur

son of William & Fredonia


Stappe, Vilma

daughter of Dr. Stappe?


Tangeman, Catherine

dau. of Edward & Amanda - Mrs. Robert Cooper, Albert Knost


Tomhafe, Eva



Vornholt, Helen

daughter of Ben & Anna - Mrs. Roger Tecklenberg


Watermann, Dorothy

daughter of Ben & Sophie


Waterman, Milda

daughter of Emil & Amelia - Mrs. Arlon Sollman





Becker, Orleena

Mrs. Jung


Dicke, Elvira

daughter of William & Florence - Mrs. Russell Schilling


Dicke, Wilbur A.

son of August A.


Dickman, Annabel

daughter of Ewald & Amanda - Mrs. Norman Scheer


Dickman, Wilfred



Dietze, Lydia

not married - Dayton


Geib, Dorothy

Mrs. Alton ("Sax") Harlamert


Gilberg, Lilly

daughter of Fred & Margaret - Mrs. Pete Stovlbeck


Gruebmeyer, Orville

son of Edward & Emma


Heinfeld, Clarence

son of William & Minnie (Henke)(1955)


Hoffman, Arnold

son of Henry & Helena


Jordan, Myron



Kettler, Irene

daughter of Wm. & Emma - Mrs. Lloyd Blanke, Orville Ruedebusch


Kuest, Irene

daughter of August & Amelia - Mrs. Richard Quellhorst


Landwehr, Leander

son of William & Marie


Laut, Mary



Neuman, Irene

Mrs. Willis Moeller


Neuman, Lester

son of Henry & Emma


Roettger, Earl F.



Ruedebusch, Orville

son of Henry & Emma


Scheer, Corrine

daughter of Wm. & Alma - Mrs. Wilbur A. Dicke


Stegeman, Louis



Steinebrey, Calvin

son of Alfred & Ida


Thieman, Wilson

son of Emil & Anna


Topp, Walter

son of Carl & Wilhelmine


Vogelsang, Helen

Mrs. Robert Ellis (2nd wife)


Wehrman, Helen

daughter of Fred & Anna - Mrs. Harold Froning


Wissman, Opal

Mrs. Stephen Jagoditz





Boesel, Paul G.

son of Otto & Bessie - Lawyer - Wapakoneta


Bowman, Virgil

son of Stella (Williams) Bowman

N.B. Sun

Brockie, John W.

son of Joseph & Rose


Brockman, Lorma L.



Egbert, Hattie E.



Ellerman, Isolde W.

daughter of Edwin & Bertha - Mrs. Ned Davis


Frey, Elizabeth E.

daughter of Wm. & Martha


Heil, Homer A.

son of Charles & Emelie


Heinfeldt, Leroy A.

son of Louis & Mathilda


Heitkamp, Lilas L.

daughter of William & Alvina - Mrs. Leroy Poppe


Hirschfeld, Elnor A.

daughter of Emil ("Icy") & Ida - Mrs. Walter Daniel


Hirschfeld, Nevin F.

son of Ben & Malinda


Kellermeyer, Merrill H.

son of Herbert, Sr. & Martha


Kettler, Grace S.

daughter of Ben & Augusta - Mrs. Ted Scheer


Kettler, Waldimore F.

son of Gustave & Ida


Knost, Wilbur F.

son of George, Sr. & Sophie


Luedeke, Henry W.

son of William & Sophia


Mueller, Harold H.

married Bernadine Huenke


Roettger, Merlin H.



Roettger, Richard F.



Schaefer, Wallace H.J.

son of Henry & Rosine


Scheer, Annabel E.

daughter of Alfred & Louise - Mrs. Alvin ("Pete") Wagner


Scheer, Yvonne

daughter of Wm. & Alma - Mrs. Earl Brockman


Schnelle, Marie L.



Schowe, Wilma

daughter of William & Fredonia - Mrs. Alfred Tontrup


Speckman, Lewis G.

son of John & Elisa


Thiesing, Paul



Vitz, Robert H. (Rev.)

son of Rev. Nathan Vitz (Zion's Church 1922-1944)


Vornholt, Herman

son of Ben & Anna





Arkenberg, Evelyn L.

daughter of Carl - Mrs. John Franks


Becker, Anna W.

Mrs. Louis Topp

N.B. Sun

Blanke, Wilhelmine M.

daughter of Herman - Mrs. Paul Wesley Crow - Lima (1999)


Braun, Marie A.L.

daughter of Theodore & Martha - Mrs. David Steiner

Betty Gast

Brose, Milton G.

son of George & Justine


Fledderjohann, Norman V.

son of Dr. F.F. Fledderjohann


Gilberg, Ruth M.

daughter of Fred & Margaret - Mrs. Paul Ritter


Grothaus, Robert F.

son of Christ & Cosie


Hartman, Earl G.

son of Christ & Malinda Mt. Pleasant, Mich.


Heinfeld, Elfrieda W.

Mrs. John Higgins - Dayton


Hirschfeld, Lucille N.

daughter of William & Auguste - Mrs. Forest Moser


Hoffman, Elsie H.

daughter of Henry & Helena - Mrs. Woodson ("Jim") Hicks


Hollingsworth, William T.

son of Frank & Elnora


Isenberger, Robert I.

son of Hayes & Lorena


Jagoditz, Stephen



Kah, Harvey C.



Kettler, Verona C.

daughter of Louis & Rosa - Mrs. Nevin Hirschfeld


King, Walter L.

son of Jacob & Flora


Kuest, Helen I.

daughter of August & Amelia - Mrs. Leroy Schroer


Kuest, Hilda A.I.

daughter of John & Wilhelmina - not married


Moeller, Pearl E.

daughter of Edwin & Hilda - not married


Mueller, Theophil J.

son of John & Florentine


Neuman, Violet E.

 Mrs. Phelps


Scheer, Howard W.

son of Alfred & Louise


Streine, Carol E.

daughter of Frank - Mrs. Harold Opperman


Thiesing, Helen

Mrs. Frank Herkenhoff


Vitz, Dorothea S.M.

daughter of Rev. Nathan Vitz - Mrs. Albert Schroer


Vornholt, Kathryn R.

daughter of Wilson & Edna - Mrs. Charles Opperman


Waterman, Almeda C.

daughter of Louis & Ella


Watermann, Mabel S.

daughter of Ben & Sophie - Mrs. Roy Meyer N.Y.





Archer, Mary Anderson

daughter of S.M. Archer, Superintendent (1926-1933)


Behm, Marie

daughter of Wilson & Ida

N.B. Sun

Bushman, Alice E.

daughter of Henry & Lydia - Mrs. Howard Ruese


Conradi, Carl L.

son of Louis & Johanna


Dickman, Emma Marie

daughter of Ewald & Amanda - Mrs. Max Youngs


Fark, Donald

son of Charles & Clara


Garmhausen, Erwin J.



Gruebmeyer, Grace K.

daughter of Edward & Emma - Mrs. Raymond Evans


Hartman, Ione

daughter of Christ & Malinda


Havemann, William A., Jr.



Heil, Orville

son of Alfred & Amanda - foster son of Gust & Hulda Diedrich


Heitkamp, Inez L.

daughter of William & Alvina - Mrs. Gordon Fox


Hespe, Leona E.

daughter of Leander & Martha


Hirschfeld, Luther ("Jack")

son of Ben & Malinda


Jung, Victor



Kah, Willis C.



Knipple, Esther

daughter of Wm. J. & Clara?


Knost, Annabelle M.

daughter of George, Sr. & Sophia - Mrs. Guy Dickman


Kuenning, Carl H. ("Pete")



Luelleman, Margaret L.

daughter of Wm. & Ida - Mrs. Harold McDermitt


Niekamp, Arnold B.



Quellhorst, Verona W.

daughter of John & Martha - Mrs. Herbert Fark


Roediger, Ruth R.

daughter of J. Henry & Anna - Mrs. Johnson


Roettger, Edward C.



Scheer, Marjory E.

daughter of Wm. & Alma - Mrs. Wesley ("Freeze") Howell


Weinberg, Ruby F.

daughter of William & Emma - Mrs. Robert Hill


Westerbeck, Esther L.

daugher of Albert & Rebecca - Mrs. Eugene Woehler


Wissman, Harold W.

son of Emil & Ida?





Ahlers, Harold W.J.

son of Wm. & Clara


Bienz, J. Stanley

son of Herman & Jennie?


Braun, Woodrow T.

son of Theodore & Martha


Coss, Franklin E.

son of James O. Coss

N.B. Sun

Dietrich, Ralph H.

son of Jerry & Dorothy


Egbert, Leroy C.A.



Egbert, Verlin H.A.

son of Edward & Anna


Fischbach, Paul A.

son of Elmer & Armina


Frey, Walter W.

son of William & Martha


Garmhausen, Hilda



Geib, Webster C.

married Selma Hoffman


Gieseke, Dorothy

daughter of Arnold & Elsie - Mrs. Harvey Kah


Greber, Wilda



Grothaus, Violet

daughter of Christ & Cosie


Haines, Louise G.

daughter of Mayor E.R. Haines - Mrs. Ralph Dietrich


Heinfeld, Gertrude

Mrs. Robert Fritz - Ft. Wayne (1955)


Hirschfeld, Viola A.M.

daughter of Edward & Emma - Mrs. Paul Headapohl


Hoffman, Selma M.

daughter of Henry & Helena - Mrs. Webster Geib


Kettler, Donald B.

son of Ben & Augusta


Knipple, Helen E.

daughter of Wm. J. & Clara?


Kuest, Marie A.W.

daughter of August & Amelia - Mrs. Paul Fischbach


Laut, Thomas E.

son of Lester & Viola


Luedeke, Frederick L.

son of Alfred & Clara


Moeller, Kenneth O.

son of Oscar & Alvira


Schaefer, Gabriel A.L.

daughter of Henry & Rosine - Mrs. Robert Herring


Schnelle, Ruth C.W.

daughter of Gustave


Schowe, Bertha M.

daughter of Henry & Emma - Mrs. Walter King


Taylor, Paul L.

son of Jim & Frieda - married Marie Waterman


Topp, Louis W.

son of John & Clara


Waterman, Marie E.

daughter of Louis & Ella - Mrs. Paul Taylor


Westerbeck, Marie J.

daughter of Albert & Rebecca - Mrs. Ralph Schwaberow





Block, Karl Henry

son of Henry & Edna


Fark, Lucile M.

daughter of George & Fredonia - Mrs. Carl Moeller

N.B. Sun

Fischbach, Opal E.

daughter of Emil & Emma - Mrs. Frank Kelley


Fischbach, Orville F.

son of Elmer & Armina


Gast, Beverly/Betty A.

daughter of Clifford J. & Irene - Mrs. David Roberts


Gilberg, Frederick L.

son of Fred & Margaret


Greber, Adrian W.

son of Henry & Carrie


Hirschfeld, Virgil

son of Oscar & Alvira


Kiefer, Robert H.

son of Ed & Artie?


King, James P.

son of Jacob & Flora


Knost, Charlotte

daughter of George, Sr. & Sophie - Mrs. Mac Lishness?


Koenig, Everett J.

son of Emil & Bertha


Koenig, Victor W.

son of Adolph & Sophia


Koeper, Frederick W.

son of Levi & Clara


Komminsk, Lewis

son of Harry & Gertrude


Kruse, Roland

son of Gus Kruse


Kuest, Alma E.F.

daughter of John & Wilhelmina - not married


Lanfersieck, Elodie M.

daughter of Joe & Josephine - Mrs. Lendor Sollman


Longworth, Otis F.

son of Fred & Pearl


Maurer, Edward F.



Nieter, Marcella

Mrs. Wilbur Doenges, then Mrs. Wm. Vordermark


Nussmeyer, Phyllis C.

daughter of Harry & Hilda - Mrs. James Murtaugh - Florida


Poppe, Gladys

fdaughter of August & Clara - Mrs. Paul Moeller


Ruese, Howard L.

son of Louis & Josephine


Schierholt, Lionel F.

son of Louis & Anna


Streine, Elizabeth W. ("Billie")

daughter of Frank


Strohmeier, Ernest W.



Topp, Helen W.

daughter of William & Anna - not married


Warner, Helen W.



Wietholter, Elmer L.

son of Fred & Sophie





Behm, Neale

son of Wilson & Ida


Bertke, Lilas

daughter of Gus & Ida - Mrs. Haberkamp

N.B. Sun

Bienz, Robert

son of Herman & Jennie?


Blanke, Eloise

daughter of Herman & Friederike Blanke?


Burk, Betty

dau./Dr. Wm. & Hilda - Mrs. Paul Meadows (Mrs. Sturtevant/1985)


Coss, Raeanna

daughter of James O. Coss - Mrs. Summerill


Eschmeyer, Paul



Gast, Gregore, Sr.

son of George & Louetta


Greber, Arlin

son of George


Greber, Milford

son of Henry C.


Harjehausen, Helen

daughter of Ed & Mabel - Mrs. Arthur Scarpelli


Hartman, Howard

son of Christ & Malinda?


Headapohl, Esther

daughter of Dan & Leona - Mrs. Henry Dicke


Heinfeld, Hubert

brother to Mark? - son of Ed?


Henning, Louise

daughter of Harvey & Emma - Mrs. Tom Laut


Hirschfeld, Carman

son of Ben & Malinda


Huenke, Bernadine (Brockman)

adopted daughter of Howard & Verona Huenke - Mrs. H. Mueller


Klopfenstein, John W.

son of John A. - New Knoxville (m. Sarah Thiesing)


Koeper, Verona

daughter of Levi & Clara


Kuck, William

son of Ernst & Frances


Kuest, Harold

son of August & Amelia


Kuhlhorst, Carabell

daughter of Raymond & Laura - Mrs. Forrest Bowers


Luelleman, Catherine

daughter of Wm. & Ida - Mrs. Nick Grilliot


McNett, Virginia

Mrs. William Moeller


Nedderman, Leota

Mrs. Edgard Hubbard - Michigan


Nieter, Julitta

Mrs. Orville Heinfeld


Pape, Richard

son of Alvin & Magdalena


Papsdorf, Robert A.

son of Rev. Theodore Papsdorf


Quellhorst, Grace

daughter of Ferd & Grace - Mrs. Lavern Wint


Roettger, Bernice

Mrs. Shook 


Scheer, Clifford

son of Alfred & Louise


Sollman, Harry



Sunderman, Dorothy

Mrs. Fred Luedeke


Thiesing, Reuben



Topp, Irene

daughter of William & Anna - not married


Topp, Irma

daughter of John & Clara - Mrs. Sherman Shroyer


Topp, Israel

son of Ernst & Lucinda


Wehmeyer, Emma

Mrs. Milo Graber - Ft. Wayne


Wiehe, Howard

son of Harry & Bertha


Wiehe, Ruth

daughter of Harry & Bertha - Mrs. Richard King





Barth, Leonard

son of Arthur & Nudy?


Block, Mary Belle

daughter of Henry & Edna - Mrs. Charles Jordan - Texas


Boesel, Jacob

son of Walter & Ida


Dicke, Leola

daughter of Herbert & Sabine - Mrs. Walter Tangeman


Gieseke, Marjorie

dau. of Arnold & Elsie - Mrs. Carl Conradi, then Mrs. Paul Lietz


Gruebmeyer, Curtis

son of Edward & Emma


Heil, Arthur

son of Clarence & Katharine


Heinfeld, Ralph

son of William & Wilhelmina (Henke) - died in 1961


Kellermeyer, Helen

daughter of Elmer & Hazel - Mrs. Alvin Dammeyer


Kettler, Robert

son of Ben & Augusta


King, Richard

son of Jacob & Flora


Kuhlhorst, Leroy (Dr.)

son of William & Emma


Maurer, Anna

Mrs. Byron Katterheinrich, then Mrs. Dallas Lutterbeck


Paul, Orrin

son of Christian & Wilhelmina


Quellhorst, Chester

son of Ferd & Mabel - Tipp City


Roediger, Mildred

daughter of J. Henry & Anna - Mrs. Sudman - St. Marys


Ruedebusch, Margaret

daughter of Henry & Emma - Mrs. Byron Slattery - Wapakoneta


Schmidt, Dottie

daughter of Leonard & Helen - Mrs. Jacob Boesel


Schneider, Victor

son of Otto & Alma - Florida


Schroeder, Harold



Schroeder, Robert

son of Harry & Frieda


Schwieterman, Gladysadell

Mrs. Norman Kuhlman - St. Marys


Vitz, Richard (Rev.)

son of Rev. Nathan Vitz (Zion's Church 1922-1944) - Waverly, OH


Waterman, Eudine

son of Lafe & Bertha


Waterman, Louise

daughter of Benjamin & Sophia - Mrs. Robert Weinberg, Jr.


Weinberg, Betty

daughter of William & Emma - Mrs. Robert Kettler


Weinberg, Richard



Weinberg, Robert, Jr.

son of Robert, Sr. & Bernice


Wint, Lavern

son of Ferd & Georgianna


Wissman, Mary Louise

daughter of Irvin & Clara? - Mrs. Dick Stewart - Sidney





Bambauer, Dorothy

daughter of Ed & Amelia Bambauer? - Mrs. Kenneth Graham


Bartenstein, Carl


N.B. Sun

Brockman, June

daughter of Walter Brockman? raised by Howard Huenkes?


Dietrich, James

son of Jerry & Dorothy


Egbert, Laverta

Mrs. James Dackin


Fischbach, Laverta

Mrs. Howard Scheer


Froning, Paul

son of Jacob - Decatur, Indiana


Hartman, Edward

son of Christ & Malinda - Albuquerque, N.M.


Heil, Catherine

daughter of Clarence & Katharine - Mrs. Clair Grundish - St. Marys


Heitman, Robert

son of Lorenz & Isabelle


Hirschfeld, Laverta

daughter of Oscar & Alvira - Mrs. Vernon ("Farmer") Westbay


Hirschfeld, Verlin

son of Edward & Emma


Hoffman, Helen

daughter of Henry & Helena - Mrs. Richard Simon - Bluffton


Knost, Grace

daughter of George, Sr. & Sophie - Mrs. Clifford Scheer


Koenig, Helen

Mrs. Henschen - St. Marys


Longworth, Dale

son of Fred & Pearl


Luedeke, Marjorie

daughter of Alfred & Clara - Mrs. Byron Kuck


Moeller, Ethel

daughter of Edwin & Hilda - Mrs. Ralph Wooten


Neuman, Marie



Roettger, Lowell

son of Lawrence ("Maggie")


Roettger, Marie

Mrs. Wilbert Neuman - Sidney


Rupert, Catherine

Mrs. Kirkland? - Jax, Florida


Scheer, Ethel

daughter of Alfred & Louise - Mrs. Loyer, then Mrs. Whitacre


Scheer, Roger

son of Lafe, Sr. & Wilma


Shroyer, Arthur



Tangeman, Verley

son of Fred & Amanda (Mueller)


Topp, Vernon

son of William & Anna


Wehrman, Irene

daughter of Fred & Anna - Mrs. Willard Staggs


Westerbeck, Irene

daughter of Albert & Rebecca - Mrs. Forest Nussmeyer - Wapak.


Wiedeman, Richard

son of Emil & Emma


Wiehe, Victor

son of Harry & Bertha - Wildwood, Florida





Barth, Norman

son of Clifford & Clara


Beachler, Robert



Becker, Ruth

Mrs. Earl Prueter

N.B. Sun

Block, Dorothy

daughter of Henry & Edna - Mrs. Richard Dammeyer


Buckloh, Lucille

daughter of Frank & Marie - Mrs. Deerhake


Burmeister, Helen

daughter of Ed?


Coss, Mary Jane

daughter of James O. Coss - Mrs. Baird


Dammeyer, Richard

son of Julius & Rosine


Egbert, Medella

Mrs. Richard Berning


Fark, Robert

son of George & Fredonia


Fark, Vernon

son of Edwin & Amanda


Fenneman, Georgia

daughter of George & Elsie? - Mrs. Chester Quellhorst


Fischbach, Richard

son of Elmer & Armina


Fledderjohn, Robert

son of Silas & Irma


Frey, Frederick

son of Wm. & Martha


Greber, Vernon

son of George


Hartman, June

daughter of Christ & Malinda


Heinfeld, Vernita

daughter of Cornelius & Celia - Mrs. Roger Scheer


Henning, Margaret

daughter of Harvey & Emma - Mrs. Wilfred Boecker


Hespe, Margaret

daughter of Leander & Martha - m. Dr. Schroer -Ft.Loramie/Sidney


Hirschfeld, Lucille

daughter of Henry & Alice - Mrs. Harold Meyer


Hirschfeld, Robert

son of Emil ("Icy") & Ida


Jordan, Deloss



Jung, Mildred

Mrs. Elmer Schroer


Jung, Nelson



Kettler, Howard

son of Ben & Augusta


Kettler, Lucille

daughter of Ray & Dorothy - Mrs. Brandewie, then Mrs. Bulpin


Kuest, Henry

son of John & Wilhelmina - not married


Ley, Chester



Maurer, Frederick



McNett, Lowell



Meyer, Marion

Mrs. Robinson


Moeller, Thomas

son of Raymond & Alfrieda


Niemeyer, Laverne

daughter of Frank & Ruth - Mrs. Robert Fark


Pape, Carl, Jr.

son of Carl, Sr. & Hilda


Pape, Paul

son of Alvin & Magdalena


Poppe, Lucille

daughter of Emil & Adeline - Mrs. Fritz Henke


Rabe, Ruth

daughter of Alfred & Marie?


Ruedebusch, Dorothy

daughter of Mrs. Rosina Ruedebusch? - Mrs. Fischbach


Schnelle, Pina

daughter of Gustave - Mrs. Hogenkamp


Schowe, Lillian

daughter of Henry & Emma


Schultz, Howard



Schwartz, Lawrence

son of Adam & Josephine


Sollman, Grace

daughter of Edward & Clara - Mrs. Robert Goodwin


Sunderman, James

son of Frank & Bertha


Tangeman, Harold

son of Louis & Clara


Thiesing, Grace

Mrs. Robert Schroeder


Topp, Wilhelmine

daughter of John & Clara - Mrs. Harold Shroyer, Rufus Settlage


Wehmeyer, Margaret

daughter of Louis & Pauline - Mrs. Arthur Shroyer


Wiehe, Elizabeth

daughter of Harry & Bertha - Mrs. James King


Wint, Paul

son of Ferd & Georgianna





Althoff, Marie

daughter of Walter Althoff


Bendure, Herbert

son of D.R. Bendure, Superintendent (1933-1946)

N.B. Sun

Dammeyer, Julia

daughter of Irvin & Verona - Mrs. Louis Fark


Dicke, Elois

daughter of Alvin C. & Emma - Mrs. Wierwille


Fark, Louis

son of George & Fredonia


Fogt, Dorothy

daughter of Clifford & Frieda - Mrs. Ike Selby


Garmhausen, Jeanne

Mrs. Perrenoud


Griner, Anna Mae

daughter of Sylvan & Hilda - Mrs. Axe


Heisler, Marieda

daughter of John


Heitman, Nina

daughter of Lorenz & Isabelle


Huckriede, Frederick

son of Roy & Esther


Jung, Agnes



Knost, George, Jr.

son of George, Sr. & Sophie


Koenig, David

son of Emil & Bertha - killed in W.W.II


Kuck, Kathleen

daughter of Reinhart & Erma - Mrs. Edward Noble


Kuenning, Thomas

son of Earl & Esther


Luedeke, Henrietta

daughter of Julius - Mrs. Edward Schroeder, Eugene Mowery


Luelleman, Richard

son of William & Ida


Moeller, Louise

daughter of Raymond & Alfrieda - Mrs. Charles Hay


Poppe, Rachael

daughter of Lewis & Clara - Mrs. George Olin


Scheer, June

daughter of Wm. & Alma - Mrs. Rolf Slade


Sudman, Willis

son of Ed & Fredonia - Arizona


Tangeman, Lela

daughter of Oscar & Grace - Mrs. Richard Holmes - Van Wert


Westerbeck, Marjory

daughter of Irvin & Alma - Mrs. Raymond Schmidt


Wittenbrink, Marguerite

daughter of Elmer & Pearl


Wuebbenhorst, Helen

daughter of Edward & Louise - Mrs. Horace Richey


Zahn, John, Jr.

son of John & Irma - killed in W.W.II





Bambauer, Katharine

daughter of Ed & Amelia Bambauer - Mrs. Kermit Schmieder


Belton, Preston

son of Porter & Myrtle

N.B. Sun

Brady, Betty

daughter of Bernard & Mabel - Mrs. Robert Marshall


Burmeister, Ruth

daughter of Ed - Mrs. Richard Luelleman


Busse, Roger

son of Ray & Lola


Dammeyer, Irene

daughter of Oscar & Anna - Mrs. Fred Wellemeyer


Dicke, John

son of Herbert & Sabine


Egbert, Verna

daughter of Levi & Julianna


Engle, Mabel

Mrs. Ruff - Sidney, N.Y.


Fark, Cleora

daughter of Charles & Clara - Mrs. Charles Forwerck


Fledderjohn, Donald

son of Silas & Irma


Grothaus, Jean

daughter of Frank & Alma - Mrs. Virgil Lampert


Hespe, Hazel (twin)

daughter of Leander & Martha


Hespe, Helen (twin)

daughter of Leander & Martha


Kettler, Norma ("Barney")

daughter of Ray & Dorothy - Mrs. Orville Lampert


Knipple, Warren

son of Ray & Louise - killed in W.W.II


Kuenning, Robert

son of Earl & Esther


McKay, Ruth Evelyn

daughter of Howard & Peg - Mrs. Eugene Barnes (m. 3/31/1960)


Moeller, James

son of Raymond & Alfrieda


Mohrman, Dorothy

daughter of Ray & Marie - Mrs. Elmer Otting


Nedderman, Virgil



Niemeyer, Jean

daughter of Frank & Ruth - Mrs. Dock - Ada, Ohio


Pape, Marjorie

daughter of Adolph & Mariann - Mrs. Ned Metzger


Purpus, Antoinette

daughter of Leo & Pearl - Mrs. Kehoe


Rabe, Esther

daughter of Alfred & Marie - Mrs. Yarrington


Rehn, Helen

Mrs. Virgil Mousa


Tangeman, Jean

Mrs. Pritchard - Muskogee, OK


Warner, Wilbur

son of Raleigh & Flora


Waterman, Betty

daughter of Arnold ("Pete") & Clara - Mrs. McGowan - Arizona


Wehmeyer, Robert

son of Louis & Pauline


Westerbeck, Paul

son of Albert & Rebecca


Wiehe, Edna

daughter of Harry & Bertha - Mrs.Wallace Hirschfeld


Wissman, Richard

son of Irvin & Clara




Block, Betty (twin)

daughter of Henry & Edna - Mrs. Gerald Tansey - Aurora, Colorado


Block, Jane (twin)

daughter of Henry & Edna - Mrs. George Watson - Dayton

N.B. Sun

Dicke, Louise

dau. of Alvin C. & Emma - Mrs. Orville Wierwille (son=Robert)


Fark, Leota

daughter of George & Fredonia - Mrs. Roger Busse


Frevert, William

son of William & Mabel


Hickman, Delmar

son of Francis Hickman


Huckriede, Earl

son of Roy & Esther


Huenke, Beverly

daughter of Howard & Verona - Mrs. Yoder, then Mrs. Melvin Paul


Jung, Annabelle

Mrs. Richard Tontrup


Koenig, Robert

son of Adolph & Sophia


Koeper, Richard

son of Levi & Clara


Komminsk, Dorothy

daughter of Harry & Gertrude - Mrs. Richard Johnson


Kuest, Lois

daughter of August - Mrs. Arthur Wenning (mother of Wayne)


Lietz, Paul

son of Herman & Alma


Luebkeman, Frederick

son of Arnold & Nora - killed in W.W.II


Neuman, Leta

Mrs. Leroy Magato


Pape, Mary Ellen

daughter of Alvin & Magdalena - Mrs. Paul Ketzel


Poppe, Carl

son of Lewis & Clara - Carlsbad, California


Purpus, Theodore, Jr.

son of Leo & Pearl


Quist, Mary Louise

daughter of Carl - Mrs. Elwood ("Red") Wallace


Roettger, Laverta

daughter of Ferd & Mathilda


Roettger, Leota

daughter of Lawrence ("Maggie") - Mrs. Herbert Kellermeyer


Ruedebusch, Norman

son of Henry & Emma


Schnelle, Robert (Dr.)

son of Gustave


Schroeder, Catherine

daughter of Harry & Frieda - Mrs. Jack Graf


Schulenberg, Bonnie

daughter of Cade & Norma - Mrs. Warren Knipple, then Mrs. Crain


Stueve, Paul

son of John & Stella


Thielker, Mary Jane

daughter of Elmer & Hulda - Mrs. Robert Bernhold


Topp, Frederick

son of John & Clara


Wellman, Howard

son of Ed & Aurelia - Lima, Ohio


Westerbeck, Lois

daughter of Irvin & Alma - Mrs. Linus Lammers, Mrs. Al Stammen


Wint, Doris

daughter of Ferd & Georgianna - Mrs. William Evarts



son of Elmer - killed in accident at creamery in September, 1940


Wittenbrink, Willis




Belton, Mildred

daughter of Oscar & Beatrice


Briggs, John

son of Dr. Marion & Selma

N.B. Sun

Burmeister, Rosemary

daughter of Ed


Fledderjohn, Dale

son of Silas & Irma


Frey, Dorothy



Garmhausen, Richard



Gensler, George, Jr.

son of George & Marie - killed in W.W.II


Gieseke, Evelyn

daughter of Arnold & Elsie - Mrs. Karl Warner


Griner, Marilyn

daughter of Sylvan & Hilda


Grothaus, Vivian

daughter of Frank & Alma - Mrs. Virgil Schnelle


Heitman, Hazel

daughter of Lorenz & Isabelle


Hespe, Marian

daughter of Elwin & Louise


Horn, Betty

daughter of Virgil & Malinda - Mrs. Curtis Schroer


Jung, Irene



Koenig, Paul

son of Emil & Bertha


Kuck, Eugene

son of Reinhart & Erma


Marshall, Edna

Mrs. Crees/Cress - 1st Woodman of the World queen in 1939


Marshall, Harold



Meyer, Pauline

daughter of Henry & Louise - Mrs. Flory


Moots, William

son of Frank & Ida


Nedderman, Julitta

daughter of Leo & Esther


Pape, Donald

son of Carl, Sr. & Hilda


Poppe, Ruth

daughter of Lewis & Clara - Mrs. Kuck


Ruese, Myra

daughter of Allen


Rust, Betty Ann

daughter of Phil & Nellie - moved to Phoenix in 1943


Schneider, Leta

daughter of Lendor & Salome - Mrs. Vernon Cunningham


Schneider, Rosemary

daughter of Otto & Alma - Mrs. Earle Williams


Taylor, Mary Ellen

daughter of Jim & Frieda - Mrs. Wayne Belton, then Mrs. Patton


Valentine, Lena Mae

Sister to Mrs. Myrl (Helen) Smith


Vitz, Betty

daughter of Rev. Nathan Vitz (Zion's Church 1922-1944)


Warner, Dorothy

daughter of Fred?


Will, Elmer

son of Ferd & Ida


Wissman, Paul

son of Grover & Amanda


Zahn, Mildred

daughter of John & Irma


1941-1942 1st YEAR FOR 7th & 8th GRADES IN HIGH SCHOOL


Behm, Betty Ann

daughter of Walter & Helen - Mrs. Marvin Kishler


Beickman, Erline

daughter of Ewald & Goldie - Mrs. Walter Maich

N.B. Sun

Belton, Wayne

son of Porter & Myrtle


Black, Richard

son of Ray & Bly


Block, Paul

son of Henry & Edna


Dicke, Mary Alice

daughter of Alvin C. & Emma - Mrs. Wittes


Donnerberg, Dorothy

daughter of Herb & Leona - Mrs. Paul Davis, then Mrs. Feltman


Egbert, Lodema

daughter of Levi - Mrs. George Knost, then Mrs. Paul Dicke


Fark, Charleen

daughter of Charles & Clara - Mrs. Robert Hunter


Fark, Dorothy

daughter of Irvin & Mahalia - Mrs. Haupt


Harjehausen, Lucille

daughter of Ed & Amelia


Heinfeld, Robert

son of Otto & Ida


Heinfeld, Warren

son of Cornelius & Celia


Heisler, John, Jr.

son of John


Isern, Don

son of Homer & Beata


Koenig, Dorothy

Mrs. Dunlap - Columbus Grove


Kuhlhorst, June

daughter of Leo & Esther - not married


Landwehr, Rosemary

daughter of Ray & Erma - Mrs. Douglas Burris, Mrs. Leon Gerling


Ley, Paul



Luebkeman, Helen

daughter of Arnold & Nora - Mrs. Wilton Dicke


Schmidt, Alice

daughter of Leonard & Helen - Mrs. Paul Wissman


Schnelle, Thomas

Schroeder, Louise

daughter of Harry & Frieda - Mrs. Rudd McAllister


Schroer, Fred Jr.

son of Fred, Sr. & Emma


Seewer, Emily



Stueve, Roman

son of John & Stella


Topp, Goldie

daughter of Ernst & Lucinda - Mrs. Robert Byram


Vornholt, Charles

son of Wilson & Edna


Westerbeck, Kenneth

son of Irvin & Alma


Wiehe, Bernice

daughter of Harry & Bertha - Mrs. Willis Wittenbrink


Wissman, Carl

son of Emil & Ida?





Ahlers, Delores

daughter of Ferd & Bertha - Mrs. Ken Rasor


Althoff, Ruth L.

daughter of Walter Althoff - Mrs. James Ashbaugh

N.B. Sun

Black, Beverly Jane

daughter of Ray & Bly - Mrs. Tom ("Spike") Schnelle


Burmeister, Marie M.

daughter of Ed - Mrs. Elmer Kitzmiller, then Mrs. Richard Sollman


Eckhart, Evelyn Emma

daughter of Leona Eckhart - Mrs. Ross Rupert, Jr.


Gensler, Lois Marie

daughter of George & Marie - Mrs. Adrian Moeller


Greiwe, Delbert

son of Homer & Irene


Hespe, Robert L.

son of Leander & Martha


Hirschfeld, Robert L.

son of Edwin & Esther


Kettler, Gestine H.

daughter of Ray & Dorothy - Mrs. Eugene Kuck


Luedeke, Bernadine

daughter of Julius & Amanda - Mrs. Don Fledderjohn


McKay, Howard D. (David)

son of Howard & Peg


Melchert, John, Jr.

son of Rev. Melchert


Moeller, Jack

son of Raymond & Alfrieda


Mohrman, Donald H.

son of Ray & Marie - killed in W.W.II


Neuman, Dorothy Ida

daughter of Irvin & Ida - Mrs. Clarence Lesher


Pape, David A.

son of Carl, Sr. & Hilda


Papsdorf, Theodora

daughter of Rev. Theodore Papsdorf


Poppe, John

son of Emil & Adeline


Roettger, Catherine L.



Schierholt, Ellen E.

daughter of Frank & Emma - Mrs. Earl Huckriede


Schmidt, Warren H.

son of Carl & Lorma


Tontrup, Mary Jane

daughter of William & Amanda?


Topp, Iva Stella

daughter of Ernst & Lucinda - Mrs. Lester Covault


Warner, Evelyn M.

daughter of Raleigh & Flora - Mrs. Warren Heinfeld


Will, Wilbert

son of Ferd & Ida


Wittenbrink, Dorothy H.

daughter of Elmer & Pearl


Wuebbenhorst, Carl E.

son of Edward & Louise





Brady, Erline

daughter of Bernard & Mabel


Brockman, Helen

daughter of Ben & Evelyn - Mrs. Richard Wissman

N.B. Sun

Dietrich, Jane

daughter of Marvin & Lola - Mrs. Douglas


Fark, David

son of Irvin & Mahalia


Frey, Marian

Mrs. Gene Engle


Heisler, Anna

daughter of John


Mohrman, Ruth

daughter of Elmer & Hermine - Mrs. Alvin Obringer


Pape, Barbara

daughter of Adolph & Mariann - Mrs. Everett Schmidt


Roediger, Eugene

son of Frank & Leona


Schneider, Donald

son of Lendor & Salome


Schnelle, Betty

daughter of Gustave - Mrs. Slattery - Phoenix, AZ?


Sollman, Willis

son of Edward & Clara


Tomhafe, John

son of Ray & Madella


Topp, Kenneth

son of William & Anna


Waterman, Doris

daughter of Arnold ("Pete") & Clara - Mrs. Lester Howe


Wellman, Charles

son of Edward & Leona


Wissman, John

son of Irvin & Clara





Belton, Merle ("Red")

son of Porter & Myrtle


Block, Helen

daughter of Henry & Edna - Mrs. Malmborg

N.B. Sun

Burd, Luella

daugher of Arthur & Agnes - Mrs. Harold Muter


Dammeyer, Verneda

daughter of Leonard & Clara - Mrs. James Moeller


Dicke, Laurie

daughter of Alvin J. & Laura - Mrs. Leon Shaner - Celina


Dicke, Mary

daughter of Carl & Irene? - Mrs. Alexander Reed - Lima


Fogt, Shirley

daughter of Ralph & Marie - Mrs. Richard Black


Gensler, Martha Jean

daughter of George & Marie - Mrs. Rader


Grothaus, Marilyn

daughter of Frank & Alma - Mrs. Edward Seals - Dayton


Heitman, Mary Lou

daughter of Lorenz & Isabelle


Hirschfeld, Nathan

son of Edwin & Esther


Jung, Richard



Koeper, Annabelle

daughter of Erney & Elenora - Mrs. Lavern Wenning


Kuck, Joan



Lampert, Marilyn

daughter of Bernard & Bernadine?


McCollum, Patsy

daughter of Walter & Leverne - Mrs. Warren ("Shorty") Topp


Melchert, Paul

son of Rev. Melchert


Moeller, Pauline

daughter of Raymond & Alfrieda - Mrs. Vern Dunham


Moots, Paul

son of Frank & Ida


Rempe, Ruth

daughter of Harry & Minnie - Mrs. Rush


Schelper, Shirley (Colonel)

daughter of Alton & Alvera - Tulsa, Oklahoma


Schroer, Betty

daughter of Fred, Sr. & Emma - Mrs. Norbert Steineman


Warner, Thomas

son of Leonard & Bertha


Wehrman, Paul

son of Leo - Called to U.S. armed forces before commencement





Altic, Eileen May

Mrs. George Pugh (raised by Arnold & Irene Poppe)


Blanke, Dorothy

daughter of Marvin & Bernice - never married


Blanke, Edith

daughter of Lester & Lorraine ("Toots") - Mrs. John Wissman


Burmeister, Doris

daughter of Ed - Mrs. William Sawmiller - Wapakoneta


Donnerberg, Robert

son of William, Jr. & Helen


Eckhart, Kenneth

son of Leona Eckhart - Celina


Gross, May

Mrs. Peters


Kettler, Eunice ("Mootsie")

daughter of Ray & Dorothy - Mrs. Herbert Hay - Coldwater


Kuenning, Stanley

son of Allen & Frances


Kuhlhorst, Walter

son of Leo & Esther - Van Wert


Laut, James

son of Lester & Viola


Ley, Jacquelin

Mrs. Paul Pittman - Dayton


Mohrman, Herman

son of Elmer & Hermine


Pape, James

son of Carl, Sr. & Hilda


Quellhorst, Anna Mae

daughter of Wilbert & Helen - Mrs. Everet Topp


Rinehart, Virginia

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Budd Rinehart - Mrs. William Buss - Florida


Topp, Everet

son of Emil & Louetta


Wellman, Mack

son of Edward & Leona


Westerbeck, Evelyn

daughter of Arnold & Ora - Mrs. Robert Kittle - Celina


Wierwille, Charles

son of Mrs. Emil (Edna) Wierwille/Topp


Will, Donald

son of Ferd & Ida - Fort Wayne





Ahlers, Alberta C.

daughter of Ferd & Bertha - Mrs. Max Loffer


Braun, Darlene M.

daughter of Reuben & Marie - Mrs. Lawrence ("Spike") Kohler

N.B. Sun

Buckloh, Mary Dorothy (Pat)

daughter of Frank & Marie - Mrs. Donald Sink


Conradi, William Lambert

son of Lambert & Amelia


Dammeyer, Lyle Arnold

son of Leonard & Clara


Dicke, Donald Elwood

son of Alvin C. & Emma


Erhardt, Nancy Lou

daughter of Ed & Helen - Mrs. Kuehnle


Hirschfeld, Laverne L.

daughter of Edwin & Esther - Mrs. Richard Kittle


Jung, David Hugo



Koenig, Sarah Joanne

daughter of Emil & Bertha - Mrs. Myron Katterheinrich


Kuenning, Erline

daughter of Earl & Esther - Mrs. Robert Campbell


Lampert, Eugene E.C.

son of Bernard & Bernadine


Laut, Shirley Jane

dau. of Lloyd & Esther - Mrs. Chas.Wierwille, "Peanuts" Werling


Lynam, Mary I.

daughter of Roy Lynam - Mrs. Reuben Hecht


Park, Rose Lee

daughter of Frank Park


Quellhorst, Mervin J.W.

son of Clarence & Aurelia