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St. Paul United Church of Christ

119 North Franklin St. – P.O. Box 6

New Bremen, OH 45869-0006

Phone: 419-629-2502 vvv E-mail: St. Paul Church


$10.00  + $3.00 S/H

St. Paul Church 175th Anniversary

St. Paul United Church of Christ celebrated its 175th anniversary in June 2008.  Historical booklets prepared in 1933 and 1983 to celebrate the church’s 100th and 150th anniversaries contained information about the 33 men who formed the Bremen Association in Cincinnati to establish a new Protestant community in the wilds of Ohio in 1833.  A decision was made to publish a new book in 2008 to celebrate the 175th year and to update the church’s history.  In it an attempt was made to profile some of the people who have influenced lives and fostered spiritual growth within the church. It is a chronological listing of events, milestones, individuals and buildings during the past 175 years. 

Also included in this book are sections about the Sunday School, organizations, the church’s symbols, its stained glass windows, and more.  There are lots of pictures, including a section on 90-years olds and 50-year or more marriages.



$15.00 + $3.00 S/H

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to defray the expense of publishing St. Paul Church’s The Beacon.


In the early 1980s, Marge Lietz and her husband, Paul, were known as the local historians. They both loved to take photographs and they were old enough to remember much of the town’s history.  They had organized their collective pictures, memories and observations of New Bremen and presented slide shows with Marge writing the scripts.  At about the same time a committee was formed in St. Paul Church to study ways to enhance the church’s monthly newsletter, The Beacon.  One suggestion was a column to be written by Marge.  Marge agreed and subsequently announced that the column would be called “Joyous Echoes.”  She wanted the content to be joyful and to reflect or echo the happy events of the church community.  She began this venture in 1984 and continued for 15 years with only brief lapses for illness and Paul’s death in 1996.  She wrote her last “Joyous Echoes” in October 1999, just a month before her death.  Marge used her talents to become a noted writer who shared her thoughts and ideas joyfully with others.  Her writings are a beautiful legacy.  I hope you will remember my mother and enjoy reading “Joyous Echoes” of our past.    

 [Genevieve Conradi]


Books & Games | Prints & Miscellaneous | St. Paul Church books | Price List