Growing up in New Bremen---Do you remember?



Going to Central School on Franklin Street?

Remember class pictures taken on the steps?


Remember the fire drills - going down the fire escapes?

Did you walk on the wall in front of the school?

Did you earn the privilege of ringing the school bell?


Do you remember the cannon from Fort Pitt in the park?

Did you climb on the cannon?--Wonder how many broken arms were the result?


Do you remember "fogging" for mosquitoes?

Did you ride your bike behind the truck?


Remember riding your bike up Combs Hill?

How did you decorate your bike?

Streamers, Saddle Bags, Basket, Cards in the spokes or Squirrel Tails?

Did you have a license for your bike?


Remember the fire whistle?

Did you go to the Fire Department to read the blackboard

 to find out where the fire was?


Do you remember the Western Ohio Baseball League

 games played at the old high school ball diamond?


Remember going to Wint's after basketball games?


Did you go to the old Legion Hall for "Teenagers"?


Remember the water fountain

 on the corner of Monroe and Washington?


Remember the W.O.W. prize eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt?

Did you go to the Homecoming at the J.C. Park?


Do you remember placing a phone call

 by telling the operator who you wanted to call?

Remember your phone number when the phone company

 was above the Post Office on Main and Monroe?


Do you remember how you spent your summer

 vacation growing up in New Bremen?


Did you go fishing or swimming

 {either by choice or by mischief} in the canal?


Or did you swim in the pool on Plum Street?

Remember spending the whole day at the pool?

How much did a season ticket cost?

 Remember just giving your ticket number to enter?

Then did you put your clothes in a bag and swim with the tag around your leg

 so you wouldn't lose it,

 or just leave it in your shoes

 in the pile at the corner of the pool house?

Remember stepping over instead of in the foot bath?

Did you master the "high dive"? Who were the life guards?


Where did you go for a treat or to meet your friends?

Did you go to Louie's for 5 cent hamburgers, or to the Nook on Monroe?

 To Schulenburg's or Schwieterman's for a sundae?

 Or did you get "hand-packed" ice cream from Speckman's Equity Store on Main ?


Did you go to the races, or just watch the race traffic

 on Sunday afternoon?


Do you remember riding on the back of a truck?

Do you remember the soda fountain in Schwieterman's Drug Store?


Was your summertime curfew

"Be home when the street lights come on?"


Wasn't it great growing up in New Bremen?


Compiled by Joyce Ruedebusch and Dru Meyer


We are very interested in YOUR memories of New Bremen!

Please add to our list, especially if you can remember New Bremen

before 1950.