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Listed below are those names found in the tax duplicate for 1848, the year Auglaize County was formed from Mercer and Allen counties. Noteworthy is the fact that Jackson Township is included in this list since it was a part of German Township until 1858. From the spelling of the names it is evident changes have been made (then and now) and there are alternatives to seek when one is researching early records for genealogy or otherwise. There are, of course, residents who did not own property.  [from the November 1977 NBHA Newsletter published by Janet Fledderjohn.]

John G. Ankerman

George Aldhoff

B. H. Ahdelmeyer

John B. Albers

Bernard Arms

Christian Ankenman

Johannes Antoni

D. C. L. Ahlers

Bernard Bussing

Jacob Baker

Frederick Bambauer

Frederick Brambrink

Casper H. Bocrath

J. Bussing

Henry Black

John F. Bosche

E. H. Burgman

Henry Brandewie

Anton Brandewie

Henry Barhorst

B. H. Borgman

H. G. Borgenbrock

William Berner

John H. Berner

H. H. Berner

Charles Brunes

C. H. Baker

Christian Boesel

Charles Boesel

Bernard Brune

B. H. Busse

A. H. Brugeman

Frederick Blase

Henry Brochamp

John D. Bucker

William Beckman

Adolph Buhlman

Mary Buhlman

C. L. Buhlman

J. F. Beckman

John H. Bord

John B. Behrnes

------ Brunsmith

Joseph Bissing

Francis Barkman

Francis Bushman

Henry Beckman

H. H. Bausman

John H. Bromlage

E. Brown & Sons

John Breitenour

Henry H. Bosche

Francis Buschman

Frederick Baker

------ Bornhorst

Bosch, Tangeman & Koop

John M. Drees

C. S. Dusterkotter

Henry A. Deeters

J. H. Dickman

Bernard Danneman

Henry Dammeyer

F. H. Dickman

H. H. Duhme

Henry Danerberg

Henry Dorson

G. H. Dwenger

Augustus Dorson

Gottlieb Dryer

------Dickman (heirs)

Adelheid Clement

Henry Eneking

John F. Eneking

John H. Eneking

Joseph Eneking

G. H. Elerman

B. H. Flashkamp

J. H. Fornholt

H. H. Fornholt

J. B. Frederick

Feltman & Co.

John M. Funk

John H. Feltman

G. H. Feltman

Clemens Freeling

B. H. Freeling

Albert Freeling

Nicholas Fullenkamp

J. F. Fannaman

Michael Fishback

John B. Fosche

Everhard Flickey

William Finke

Clemens Frilling

Peter Geib

Catherine Garbrink

Andrew Garbrink

N. J. Goldshat

Christian Graber

H. H. Gille

John W. Gosman

Luckman Gerhard

Andrew Gast

Peter Gast

Charles Gospohl

Henry Grieshoff

Herman Gerker

H. H. Gunkenmeyer

------ Gorman

Mathias Gerker

H. A. Glasey

------ Gordier

J. B. Helbush

John C. Holdman

George Hershfeld

Clement Hershfeld

B. W. Huckereider

J. Huckereider

Henry Heitkamp

John Heitkamp

Diederick Hinders

Henry Heinefelt

Henry Helmsink

J. H. Honebeck

Henry Hallet

Charles Hershfelt

J. H. Hosman

Arana Hernfeld

Diederick Hone

Charles Heseker

Bernard Heilers

H. H. Hengens

Frederick Isen

J. C. W. Karman

Paulus Kummet

Gerhard H. Kizer

G. Kizer

Henry Kalverlage

Theodore Kizer

Jared Kelsey

G. H. Knost

Jacob Koppel

A. Kramer

------ Keitham

H. H. Klute

Frederick Keitham

Henry Klebecker

Gerhard Klepforth

B. H. Koop

William Kammann

Henry Keller


Gerhard Knost

F. W. Klockenbrick

H. H. Kinney

H. R. Kruse

Henry Knopke

J. B. Kokenga

Frederick Kuhlman

John Kemper

Joseph Kissing

B. H. Koster

Christian Kramer

John B. Leining

B. H. Lohman

Philip Lange

D. G. Lamb

Albert Lemkuhl

Henry A. Lears

Charles A. Lingleback

H. H. Lamping

Henry Lemermuhl

Andrew Leipard

G. W. Luckman

John H. Lagers

John D. Lohman

Bernard Lemkohl

H. H. Landware

Francis Lange

C. W. Langhorst

Frederick Meyer

Henry Meyer

John B. Mesloh

H. F. Muker

Jacob Metz

Hamilton Major

Henry W. Meyer

B. H. Mohrman

G. Mohrman

Jacob Mour

Charles Mour

George Mour

Frederick Miller

J. J. Meyer

D. Menkhouse

Henry Muhle

Lewis Meyer

B. Meyer

John W. Menke

Bernard Meyer

Henry Muiers

John H. Meyer

John C. Mohrman

Joseph Meysing

Jacob Metz

Gotlieb Neitert

John Neiter

G. H. Neiter

John W. Neuman

Henry Neismeyer

Stephen Northoff

B. H. Neiberg

John L. Neiswenger

Chas. Neitrich

B. Ortman

Gerhard Osterfelt

John C. Oberwitte

H. H. Oberwitte

Peter Opdike

John A. Osterloh

Theodore Oldiges

B. H. Ostendorf

John H. Pelzer

Adam Paul

John H. Paul

John Paul

F. L. Pohlman

Bernard Planke

H. H. Pansher

Bernard Panning

J. R. Pulsdorfer

Henry Paul

H. H. Ouartman

William Ruther

George M. Runager

J. B. Klein Runebaum

Henry Rolfees

Henry Rodekoe

C. H. Richten

Clement Rolfees

H. H. Rump

Oren Rump

Philip Rothous

Frederick Rumping

J. H. Runebaum

Joseph Rolfees

John B. Schmeising

John H. Steinman

E.C.H.L. Sutton

Diederick Schroader

B. F. Schroader

Bernard Schulte

Theresa Stallo

John F. Smith

H. G. Severink

J. J. Thurman

Bernard Sprock

John Sternley

Frederick Seimer

Henry Sunderman

Herman Sunderman

William Sunderman

Henry Schemiller

Isaac Statler

Peter Schneider

J. C. Sumner

F. A. Stube

John H. Schemel

Henry Steinmeyer

Henry Stollman

Rudolph Sagers

Frederick Sollman

William Sollman

J. H. Schemiller

H. W. Schowa

Casper Severing

H. H. Stueve

H. Stuckenberger

J. H. Stuckenberger

Gerhard Schilmiller

J. H. Schulter

Herman Stallo

William Scholling

H. H. Stewing

William Sunderland

Henry Schulte

------ Schlepper

Henry Schulter

Joseph Suerman

Bernard Smock

John W. Schelling

Peter Staub

John R. Tanke

John H. Timmerman

J. G. Tangeman

H. H. Tangeman

J. J. Taubius

William Tonius

Bernard Tape

John H. Taubling

C. F. Totgenhorst

J. H. Timmerman

H. H. Trankamp

H. F. Teaman

B. Tangeman

Bernard J. Tape

Henry Uphaus

H. H. Vornholt

F. H. Vogelsang

William Vockle

J. H. Vocke

H. Vocke

John H. Vanderheer

Joseph H. Vante

Peter Van Widdlesworth

Henry A. Wehrman

H. Wehrman

Frederick Wehrman

William Wittie

Christopher Wittie

J. F. Wiseman

J. R. Werbling

J. H. Wellman

E. H. Weicher

E. H. Weichman

Adam Wenner

Francis Windhorst

Henry Wendell

William Wendell

John G. Waterman

H. F. Wellman

John Wippenhorst

Francis Weiner

H. H. Walters

H. H. Westjohann

Herman W. Witthoff

Charles Wittenbrink

J. H. H. Ziegenbush



Those owning land in the Village of New Bremen when Auglaize County was formed are given below. Again there were undoubtedly others who resided here without holding property.

[from the November 1977 NBHA Newsletter published by Janet Fledderjohn.]

Francis Abler

C.L. Albers

William Bechman

John B. Behrens

Charles Boesel

H.H. Bosche

J.F. Bosche

J.F. Bosche & Co.

Christopher Brockhoft

Henry Dannerberg

F.H. Dickman

Frederick Dubling

John Ellerman

B.H. Flaskamp

John W. Fulling

Andrew Garbrick

William A. Haverman

G.H. Neheman

B.H. Huckerider

William Kamman

Frederick Karrman

H.H. Keitham

H.H. Kellerman

Gerhard Kleforth

Herman Klenke

H.H. Klute

J. H. Knost

Frederick Kohlhorst

Koop, Bosche & Koop

Frederick Koop

Georgiana W. Koop

Margaret D. Koop

Margaret Justina Koop

William Koop

John C. Kuenzel

Michael Kuenzel

William Kuneman

Victor Lambrink

H. H. Lamping

John Merker

H.N. Meyer

Sarah M. Meyer

William Mines

B.H. Mohrman

G.H. Mohrman

John C. Mohrman

Henry Moller

P.G. Mourer

B.F. Murker

Charles Nieter

J.C. Obenwitte

Peter Opdike

Henry Quillhorst

Jacob Rice

C.H. Schnelle

J.V.D. Schnelle

William Schrawe

B.F. Schroeder

Diederick Schroeder

Frederick Schulenberg

Henry Schulenberg

Henry Schulte

John H. Schulte

Frederick Seimer

Charles Smith

Christian Smith

L. SuIter

Henry Tapp

August Teaman

Christian Totgenhorst

William Vockle

Frederick Wehrman

B.H. Weicher

Henry Weicher

Arnold Weideman

John W. Weinegar

John H. Wellman

Christopher Witte

William Witte

W. Wubberling


Source:  William J. McMurray, Editor, History of Auglaize, Ohio, 2 vols.

(Indianapolis: Historical Publishing Company, 1923), 1:423-427.


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“Cleaning Mother’s House” | 1848 Landowners | NB Biography Index–1923 McMurray (.pdf)

Boesel Reunion Picture & IDs | Finke Obituaries | Purpus Flemish Artist Connection

German Protestant Cemetery Aerial Photo